Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today is the day!

I guess ready or not I am going in this morning for a mastectomy. Having a mastectomy is what I always thought would be the worst nightmare for any woman. But we  have studied, researched and prayed soooooo much about it and realize it is the best choice for me and my health to do this. Having two tumors really narrowed my options. No matter what road I go down next, we realized that we needed to get these cancerous tumors out.

We interviewed different doctors and have decided to go with Marion Johnson from Evergreen Hospital, she seemed very knowledgeable and what can I say ...she has got to be good, because she has the same name as my mom ! My mom has been gone now for almost 8 years and there is never a day that goes by that I don't wish that I could see her or at least talk to her. I have heard my whole life that those who have already passed away are not really that far away from us, actually closer than we think. I pray today that my mom will be close, I could use all the help I can get!

So with that decision we have all decided to WEAR PINK today and think positive. I heard the quote TRIUMPH IS JUST THE "UMPH" AFTER THE TRY!  I have a feeling that is just exactly what I am going to have to do today. I am trying not to be scared and trying not to be discouraged and will give it a little more effort and umph today and for the next few coming weeks to conquer one of the biggest challenges in my life.

We go in at 9:30 this morning and first have a sentinel node test and then biopsy for the first few hours. When those results come back the surgery will begin, they are telling us that it will start approximately at noon. The actual surgery time is suppose to be one and half hours. So by 3:00 this afternoon, this should all be behind me. I will stay in the hospital over night and hopefully will be home by Thursday afternoon. Someone said "do you like to have visitors at the hospital"?  My family would laugh as they told you" NO" because I am totally out of it with  the medication, so I will probably be able to have visitors in a few days.   My sister- in- law Shirley, flew in yesterday to be with me. She has been with me through all my  surgeries and that has been an unbelievable BLESSING for all of us!

Well, I need to go get ready. Once again...thanks for you love, concern and prayers. I could probably use a few extra ones just in case and if you want you can join us in ...WEARING PINK !

Talk to you soon.




TaNicka said...

We Love you girl! We will be wearing pink in your honor.Good luck to you and your family.Love Ya


Carolyn Cox said...

All of our girls will be wearing pink for you!! Our prayers are with you.

The Coxes

Julie N. said...

By the time I left for work today it would have been 4:30 am for you! So I will wear pink once I get home or if I can find something pink around this office I will put it on!! Love you dear friend!

Amy said...

Angie and I will be wearing lots of pink today and even John wore his blue and pink striped shirt! I also asked all of my friends to join us in wearing pink in your honor! I love you Mom and know that you'll be taken care of and I know Grandma will be with you today.