Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sugar and Spice!

Our Miss Oakley is ONE today! 

She really is made of Sugar and Spice and everything NICE!

It is really hard already to imagine life without her! She came into our family with sweet little smiles and a fun disposition!

 She makes us laugh, and her big brother Kai... makes her laugh and loves her soo much! Everyone should be so blessed to have an older brother like that!

She is her Mommy and Daddy's girl! And we feel so blessed to have her in our family!

 You can tell by looking at her and her Daddy at the same age... that the Genes are strong with this one! ( her Mommy even said that )

She is already my sewing buddy, and the inspiration for many of my creations!

So go to sleep tonight little Miss Oakley, knowing you are truly the Sugar and Spice of our lives! 
We love you more than words can say!
Happy Birthday from Nana and Poppa

Friday, July 29, 2016

Trying to count my blessings!

Today has been a tough day that I decided to count my blessings...
I only had to have one tooth pulled...instead of more!
It was a back tooth and you can't see the hole when I smile, really grateful for that!
I had the best Periodontist ever!
I had bone grafting from a cadaver, which I am grateful for and hope that they had better teeth than me, and that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship:)
I have time to do some crocheting that I needed to do.
Yes, I have many blessings and I am grateful for them.

Good Night dear friends!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Quilts at the funeral....

I loved this article, what a tribute to the lady who made all these quilts. By looking at them, you could tell how much she loved each person she gave them all the hundreds of hours that she worked and put into them. And by having them there displayed at her funeral could tell how much they loved her and cherished her incredible gift!
I love making gifts for others!
Night dear friends!

look at the quilts HERE:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Teaching and Teaching!

Today I got my Online class project ready for video taping tonight. Then the girls came over and since it was raining they decided that they would like to go to the new library. So we thought maybe they should have some library tote bags to bring with them.
So they picked their fabric, their die cuts from Sizzix for their applique and then we went to work.
Audrey was having a hard time standing still, on the top right you could see where she was saying " stand right here Nana?"

Jenny, is loving that she is old and big enough now to iron things. She is really getting better and she is starting to love sewing more and more. She is beginning to read and so excited about that!

Angie is good and truly has an eye for anything she creates too! And she is also an avid reader!
I love teaching them though...hope they don't ever get too old to come create with their Nana!

When they went to the library, Jeff and I video taped some, but even with them gone... we still had the phone ring twice, then I actually got the top of my head in the camera for one whole session ( of course we didn't realize that till it was too late ) so tomorrow I will remake a another tote bag to that exact point and we will try to refilm it. We are so close I can almost feel it!

 So tonight, I will wash this same outfit one more time and put it back on with a smile and retape again! I have just one question...are we having fun yet?
Information to anyone who wants to do online classes in the future...
Save up more money ...because you will probably need 3 cameras instead of just 1, because you will need a better and faster computer and because you will probably like to hire someone to help you record and edit all of this,,, other than your family. It's a lot of pressure!
Just in case you were wondering!

But I like this quote... maybe I should copy it and put it on my wall in the studio :)
Good night dear friends!