Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The battle begins

Someone once said that it is scary to go into a battle when you know nothing about your enemy,not their strategies, their weapons, defense and so on. I really believe that is true, and that is why we have felt such incredible fear lately. We knew that we had to fight cancer again but... didn't know any details of size, growth, type or anything else, so finally tonight we got the long awaited call. I am so tired that I will try to  make this short and hopefully be able to at least inform you of what we are up against. I need to remember that you don't need or probably want to know ,all the numbers and figures that they gave us tonight and so I will try to summarize it.

We received good and bad news tonight, but we felt more good than bad. I guess with all the surprises and stats that we had, we thought the worst was ahead of us, so in some ways, it seemed a bit hopeful. (haven't said that word of a while) So here at the notes and I will try to explain them.

* the lump node that they did the biopsy on and  were almost sure  was positive for cancer WAS NOT  (good)

*the two tumors were smaller than they originally measured (good)

*both tumors are what they call ICTIS cancer, that just means that they have spread past their cell was and have infiltrated the breast tissue (bad)

*The number of how fast the tumor is spreading, is lower than they expected it to be (good)

*the possibility and probability of losing the breast is high (BAD)


The Dr and the radiologist were so surprised at the results, so we are grateful that it wasn't worse, can't believe I am even saying this! I must be feeling a bit better. So for this week we need to now set up appts with 2 surgeons and 2 oncologist's, after we leave their office we will at least be more informed and hopefully better prepare to make certain choices.

Thanks so much for all your calls, faith, prayers, hope,trust and meals, not sure what we would do without you?  I need to run and get some sleep. We love each of you and appreciate you too!

Take care and remember this quote that a friend sent me today...


So true, we love ya!

Lynn, Jeff and kids


Carolyn Cox said...

What a blessing it is to hear that you are able to find the many positive aspects of this right now. That helps others see that even though the news can be very bad, we always have cause for hope. Thank you for helping us all to find hope. You are such an example. We love you and continue to pray for you and your family.

The Coxes

Aston said...

Thank you for sharing the details. It was easy to follow and I appreciated the good/bad comments. I love you Lynn and hope you were able to rest last night. I am learning more and more how important being specific in our prayers is, so my prayer today is that you are able to get some really good rest! :) Jessica

(Hope you didn't mind that I left a comment for you. Mom sent me your link so I could read directly from you.)

Julie N. said...

Doubt not, fear not :-) So simple and yet so true.
I love you and I am so grateful for our friendship. You continue to be a source of strength and example of hope.
Love, Julie