Monday, June 30, 2014

Impromptu Sleep Over !

Today I was just organizing some things and missing my family. The house is so quiet now that it is just Jeff and I. I didn't really have any big plans this morning except try and clean up my scrapbooking mess I made a couple of days ago ( when I was trying to get more organized ).  Amy called and asked if they could come over for the day...I think I said yes before she even finished the question! Oh how I wish Krystal and Kai could call and ask to come over too, but Texas is just a bit further of a drive!
So today the girls just played, Amy helped me organize a bit more and then one of our dear friends ( actually  she was our son Lee's friend first, but we sorta adopted her a long time ago ). We have done that with many of our kid's friends. It was so fun to see her, she is home for the summer from college. We had a wonderful couple of hours visiting with her. She is such an amazing young woman, truly beautiful on the inside and the outside! We love her to death and are thrilled when we get a chance to see her.
Then after dinner tonight the girls were getting ready to pack up, when they asked if they could do a Sleep Over! Once again I think I said yes, before they even asked their Mommy ( which was actually not the right way to do it ), guess I was just excited. Lucky for us Mom thought it would be fun. Although they didn't have plans to do it, so we had to go into our extra clothes container to find outfits for bedtime.
Then the fun started, they helped Poppa water all the flowers and fix a few more things outside.

Then after another prayers and another Bed Time Snack, we brushed teeth and then decided to do our story telling outside snuggled up on one chair on my lap with a quilt on us and under the stars. We tried to take a photo of ourselves but it was too dark, but we did get a photo of a little part of the crescent moon to show you. After the story then the girls said, we hope you never move away from you Nana, then Jenny said " I think we should get a house that is smashed up against your house, that way we could do Sleep Overs whenever we wanted to. Then Angie said " yeah its just not fair that we live so far way!" As I tried to explain the LIFE ISN'T FAIR speech, she interrupted and said..." Nana, our Daddy can build anything, maybe tomorrow we could draw pictures of the kind of house we want for all of us". Jenny replied " it would be fun to have a tree house in between our houses and we could have secret doors to get to it."
As I got them tucked into bed and kissed good night and was shutting the door, they both  said " Nana, this is the best Sleep Over Ever! Then Angie said " Yes and tomorrow we will draw our plans for our NEW HOUSE!"
No matter how bad things get or have been...being with my Grandkids makes everything better!
Good night dear friends!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Get well flowers!

Today I stayed home from church because I still don't have much energy. It is one of the hardest days for me, I love Sundays normally but now that the kids are gone, it gets a bit lonely around here. Tonight right after dinner, my girlfriend and her two kids came over to give me some Get Well Flowers. They are so cute. Ever since my own kids were little, I have loved getting the sweet flowers that they would pick for me, no matter what they were ( sometimes even weeds ). Just looking at them always made me feel loved and better.
I am grateful for a friend who is teaching her kids by example to love and serve others. I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach her kids and my church calling in the Primary. They truly do teach us so much about life.

Displaying Image-1.jpg

This is one of the sweethearts that brought me flowers tonight with her brother. She got so excited last Sunday, when we both came to church matching! How fun!

Every child is different, but each should be cherished the same...with lots of love!!!

Original Smile!

One last photo of my original smile, with my real teeth. These were taken on Monday on our way to get my tooth pulled. Not a big thing to many I am sure, but it was to me. And as usual my Knight and Shining Armor was right there with me. Lucky for us it didn't go through and we got to celebrate our 32nd Anniversary that evening.

Ok, this was taken on Weds afternoon, as we are going to get my tooth pulled for REAL now. Can you tell I am worried about losing my smile. So we tried to take a selfie again. They are much harder to do than they look, can't remember where the camera is. :)

Well, haven't taken any pictures since then but I am glad that we got the ones we did earlier. I am still struggling with getting my energy back. Everything is wiping me out. Someone said that I should just take a picture of my smile now...well, I don't think so! Just want to start feeling better, it is getting harder and harder to remember what being healthy every day feels like! 
I will also be glad when I get eat real food again, right now I am even robbing the pantry for some of Audrey's food...
Displaying Image-1.jpgSad I know! :)

Good night dear friends!
Marriage. Some need to remember what it is all about. You don't give up when times get tough. When you choose to marry someone you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with them through the good and the bad, the easy and the hard times. You stand by that choice, and that person, no matter how hard it is, every single day.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gratitude really does help!

Had a really tough night, and a tough day today.
The Doctor called today and checked on me, she was concerned that I was struggling so she thought it might because it was of my Mono. I sure hope so and I hope
to have a better night tonight, same to you dear friends!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just be Still!

Not sure why going into something that you have never done, scares me a lot. Today I had to have one of my front teeth pulled. I was worried that since I can't take the medicine to calm you down and the doctor didn't do gas, that I would have to wrap my head around having it pulled out when I was still awake and could hear everything. Right before I left I realized that the fear was making me so upset that the anticipation was worrisome. I then wondered what I would have said to my kids, if it were them. I would tell them that everything in life gives us experiences. I would tell them to rely on the Lord to be there with them no matter what they were going to have to go through, and yet here I was ....the MOM, scared to death. I know many people have had teeth pulled but for me I think it is much bigger than that once you have had Cancer. I worried that they might find something that would tell us why I have been sick so long. I worried that the bone under the tooth might not be healthy and maybe that was the problem.
Just an hour before I left, I got on my knees and told the Lord I was sorry for my lack of faith and for letting the fear get a hold of me like that. I prayed all would go well, that I would be able to handle what ever happened or whatever was told to me. Then I asked that the Doctor and nurses would be able to do their job properly and that all would go well if it was suppose to. If not, that I would be able to learn what I needed to learn from this whole thing.
It all went well, Jeff was sweet enough to download Christmas music on my  little MP3 Player and so I was set. The doctor was simply the kindest person I have ever met, and her staff was just as nice. They made sure to tell me everything and to make sure that I wouldn't feel any pain.
The tooth came out very smoothly she said and it was less time than I thought, (only about 5 Christmas songs) had to stop and start it a couple of times when they asked me questions.
The Doctor said that the bone look good and healthy, she also said that she was glad that I took the antibiotic last week and got the infection under control before she pulled it out. She predicted it to be  a quick recovery. I am grateful  for a family who always loves me and prays for me, and for a husband that loves me no matter how many parts I keep losing! :)
Good night dear friends!

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. —Exodus 14:14 Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's a Flipper?

I have had a tough day today. I had to reschedule getting my tooth pulled. It was supposed to be yesterday but then when they asked me if I had been to the dentist to make an impression for my Flipper ( artificial temporary tooth ), I said "no I didn't know I needed to, because I don't know what a Flipper is even really. I am always amazed that everything in life seems to have it's own lingo, even the dentist office. So today I did that and met our new dentist, he and the whole staff were very nice.
I don't know about you but ... I really don't like having teeth issues. This problem just came up the last few weeks when I started being woken up with a toothache, I knew that wasn't a good sign. It did at least help me understand why I have been feeling so bad lately, didn't realize that I was battling an infection on top of Mono.
Tomorrow I will have the tooth removed and have some bone drafting done to prepare for the implant in about 8 months. It is one of my smile teeth they call it, one of the front ones that you will see when I smile. They also told me that the Flipper that will be put in next week, is something that you will have to get used to. It will give me a bit of trouble talking and it has to be taken out each time I eat.
Jeff and I were joking that we can remember one of our Aunt's taking out her teeth at the end of dinner and swishing them around in her glass of water. :)
But the truth is, I don't want to talk any funnier than I do right now, but I don't want to have a tooth missing when I smile either. I don't really consider myself a vain person, but with the worries that I am having, maybe I I know that I am a chicken when it comes to Dental things!
I always said that it is really hard to fight any battle when you are feeling so bad. Just wished I wasn't battling Mono right now too, because it is making this whole thing...feel bigger than I am. And yet I know it's not. I have a ton of things to be thankful for...that is what I need to remember and think about tomorrow.
Loved these quotes I found, perfect for me today and probably for tomorrow too!
Good Night dear friends!


Monday, June 23, 2014

32 years and counting!

Thirty two years ago, I married my Best Friend in the Washington DC Temple for TIME and all ETERNITY! I am grateful for the years we have had, and I pray we will have many more!

A truth that's so easily forgotten.              I hope I never forget that

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Family Tree

Today in church I taught the children the importance of Family History. I gave them an example of how fun it is to learn about someone in your family tree. I started with my own. I but pictures of mine on there and let them point to a certain one, and then I would tell them a story or information about it. I love stories, I remember stories better than anything else.
It was fun, and when I pointed to Jeff and I's wedding picture and asked this 4 year old if they knew who it was...she said " NO"! :)
Working with children can be rough on your self esteem at times! They are very honest! :) But I sure love them! They teach me soooo much more than I ever teach them!
They probably left knowing more about me than they ever wanted to know! But they left sure excited to read off the questions I gave them to interview their family members.
How grateful I am to remember my ancestors, to have such an amazing family and to know that Families Can Be Forever! 
Good night dear friends!

Quotes: "People are hungry for stories. It's part of our very being. Storytelling is a form of history, of immortality too. It goes from one gerneation to another." Studs Terkel #quotes #genealogy

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Do you sit on the back pew?

I have sat on the back pew before, but this will make me think twice now.
Good night dear friends!

Is it time to get off the back pew?

pews“Jason, you never struck me as aback pew kinda guy.”
The words still hang in the air around me, like an echo that never says good night.
The observation came from a good friend and church leader who visited our local congregation last year. When the service ended, he approached me with a handshake and a wide smile, saying those words I still hear today.
We’d known each other for some time and he had visited our church in Woodstock, Va, before, but on the Sundays he’d passed through, I was traveling or attending church elsewhere.
I knew he didn’t mean them as a personal criticism or jab. He’s truly a man without guile who only wanted me to know he was genuinely surprised to see me and my family occupying the last row of the chapel, especially when so many pews were available closer to the front.
Since that Sunday encounter, I've been paying attention to where I sit and how many of our church services fill from the back to the front rather than the front to the back. While attending church out-of-state recently, I was surprised to see that the back half of the chapel was so full, they opened the overflow for the latecomers. This despite there being enough room in the first six rows for twice as many as streamed in late.
There may be, of course, perfectly good reasons to sit near the back: a fidgety baby, a legitimate need to slip out early before the meeting ends, wheelchair access, the highly contagious Ebola virus, playing Candy Crush, etc.
I’ve also been wondering about my own motives. Had the desire to sit near the back become an outward reflection of an inward commitment? Or lack thereof?
Did it demonstrate an unwillingness to be called on?
A disinterest in the topic or speaker?
Apathy about attending in the first place?
As a frequent public speaker in schools, conventions and conferences, I often step to the mic and note the same pattern. Quite often I notice that if the room were a plane, we’d never take off. If it were a ship, we’d sink.
(Maybe in my case it’s the speaker.)
If my habit of sitting near the back sent a message, what does the practice of sitting up front suggest?
An excitement to learn?
A willingness to be called on?
A public demonstration of faith that the speaker and the presentation will have value to my life?
If you've also been a physical or spiritual back-row regular, moving from the last pew to the front can be a daunting jump. So what’s the best way to take a few steps to move up a row or two at a time?
Being on time, even early? Always having your scriptures in hand? Engaging in the lessons and sermons from start to finish?
If we ever find ourselves in the same congregation, I can’t guarantee I’ll always be on the front row. But I can promise to move in that direction.
If you beat me there, would you save me a seat?
I read this article HERE:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shop Hop 2014

Today I worked the Shop Hop you can find out more about it here: and got to see a lot of the ladies that I haven't seen since last year. It was fun to see them again. How grateful I am for their friendships, grateful for being able to work with such amazing ladies in such a beautiful shop, grateful for my talent and the chance to share it with others!
Good night dear friends!
Potential to turn a life around

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Ordinary Dad!

Got to work late today because I was trying to let my medicine take effect so that the throbbing in my tooth would stop or at least slow down. Got to work a few hours and it was really great seeing all the neat ladies that came to the Shop Hop. I love to hear all about their lives and the things they are working on. But just after a few hours my tooth was throbbing again and I headed home.

Found this great story by Jason Wright talking about his Dad. How grateful I am for all the incredible ORDINARY  Fathers out there in the world.
Good Night dear friends!

My dad wasn’t extraordinary

My dad wasn’t extraordinary.
He didn’t serve in the military. He didn’t start a billion dollar company. He didn’t graduate from Harvard.
He didn’t vanquish any great obstacle, win some nationally prestigious award or write an inspiring comeback story – the kind with heart-tugging waves of music that rise and fall like ocean tides.
My dad wasn't extraordinary.
There wasn't alcohol to overcome, because he’d never had a sip. No drug problem because the notion of experimentation never occurred to him.
He never appeared on the news. Never met the president. Never led a crusade against crushing social injustice.
My dad was ordinary.
He made our home an ordinary place with little drama, anger or strife.
He was at ball games in his ordinary spot. Church in his ordinary pew. He even made attending every out-of-tune, mundane middle school concert an ordinary act.
When I’ve looked into the crowd at every ordinary moment of my ordinary life, whether the room held two or 2,000, he was there.
My dad was ordinary.
He treated his children how I imagined every father did. A father’s unconditional love? Ordinary.
A hug after a rough day at school? Ordinary.
Telling me he loved me so often, in so many scenarios and in countless circumstances that no single time stands out? Ordinary.
None of my ideas were ever too big and nothing was impossible. No dream was out of reach, no matter how short my naive, childhood arms. Because somehow, Dad was always there to make up the difference.
What a treasure that his love wasn’t extraordinary.
What an eternal blessing that his presence in my life, milestones large and small, wasn’t extraordinary.
What a miracle that when I didn’t believe in myself, when I doubted my goodness, when I questioned God’s plan, my father’s faith in me was so remarkably ordinary.
Yes, my dad was ordinary.
On this special day, though he’s left this world for another, I hope he knows much I love and miss him. And I hope he knows how grateful I am that in every wonderful way, he was ordinary.
Happy Father’s Day.
You can read more of Jason's articles HERE:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Every Dad should have many Dates like this!

Tonight I am going to have to just make this short and sweet. I have been sick and finally I thought it might be about this tooth that has been aching for over a week. Found out today it was that way...I have an abscessed tooth and need to have it pulled and get an implant. First I need to get these antibiotics to work so that the infection can calm down before they pull it. So I am just going to share a sweet story of a Dad who had a fun Date with someone special. Watch and see for yourself!
You can find it Here:
daughter  By Karen

Monday, June 16, 2014

Visiting hours in heaven!

I saw this photo quote on a friend's post the other day. What a beautiful thought.
I sometimes wish that were true too, then it wouldn't seem so hard to wait and see
our loved ones in the next life. Just think about if we could have visiting hours!
I would visit my Grandma Johnny and tell her about how my life turned out. I would
tell her about her Great Grandchildren and how fun and sweet they are. I would thank her
for teaching me to sew and tell her that I know work and teach in a Quilt Shop.
I would stop by and see my Aunt Ina and thank her for the incredible influence of LOVE and
Acceptance she was in my life. I knew she loved me and that no matter what she would always
protect me. We were together the first 9 years of my life. I think of the special relationship I have with Angie at the age 8, and so I could only imagine how much closer she and I were, because we lived in the same
I would stop and see my Mom and tell her about all that is going on in my life. I would tell her that Lauren is getting ready to get married soon. I would tell her how well Lee is doing in college. I would tell her about her great grandchildren too. I would check on her and let her know how much I miss her.
There are a ton of other people I would visit. I am just grateful that I know that this life isn't the end. That we can go on through the eternities with our loved ones, if we live worthy to do so.
Knowing that there is life after death;  that are loved ones are ok, and that we will be able to see each other some day, is a knowledge that brings me great peace and joy.
Good night dear friends!

Gone, but never forgotten

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! 2014

We got a new printer and I haven't learned how to scan on it yet, but glad that the kids have a few photos of their Dad! I have said this more than one time, but Jeff is absolutely a Better Dad and Poppa than I could have ever dreamed of!  He loves his kids and grand kids so much. What I am grateful for is his example to them. He not only teaches them but shows them by how he lives. He is a Dad that anyone would be proud to have. How blessed we are to have him in our lives!  We love you Jeff, Happy Father's Day!

Jeff never misses an  opportunity to have fun with his kids!

Daddy's first little girl! Ok, big girl Amy Marie!

Happy Father's Day to Brad! Can't believe my boy is now a Dad but he is doing an incredible job. Kai is blessed to have you. Love ya!

Happy Father's Day to John,
John has his job cut out with him with 3 little red heads ( well now 2 red heads and a strawberry blonde ), but he is so patient and good with them. How blessed their lives will be to have such a great Dad! Happy Father's Day John!

To the man who keeps us all together!

Our family is growing fast. Love you Jeff, Dad and Poppa!

Making Memories!

Kids came over today, to visit and for us to celebrate Father's Day with Jeff and John together. We thought we would do it today since the weather was suppose to be better, plus with me and feeling so tired, we thought today would work better than tomorrow after church.  It is such a treat to watch these girls play together, most of the time they really get along... and now Miss Audrey wants to be right in the middle of everything they are doing.
Can I just say that I love Fisher Price Little People Sets. My brother Ty used to play with them for hours each day and so did my kids, and now to see my grand kids have this much fun with them is neat. 3 Generations of a toy that continues to keep the attention of and helps them use their imaginations. Maybe I should write a thank you note to them? :)

While Jeff was working in the yard, the older girls played in our tree out front. Here is what they were so proud of, that they had made. A homemade Bird Nest! Imagination, isn't it the best?

I need this sign ( below ) when the kids come over! That mess is totally worth it!
Good night dear friends!
Playroom Wall Art - Paint Mess Memories -  8x10 printed digital wall decor - original design by a drop of golden sun.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Fatherhood is not always what you expect it to be. This was an incredible story of a man, whose wife gave him he best and last gift she had to give. Read it is an amazing story about a DAD, who chooses to keep going against amazing heartache. Read more of his story HERE:
Hope you have a great day dear friends!
Happy couple: Mahmoud and Jayne married in 2007
Extraordinary events stir in the world of medicine. A mother who certainly have died were still able to give birth to tiny baby perfectly. This news was suddenly spread everywhere and became the subject of conversation in the medical world.

Is Mahmoud Soliman, 29. He never imagined could face the sadness and happiness into one. His beloved wife, Jayne Soliman, 41, went for ever. And instead, he got a beautiful baby girl who was born from the womb of his wife.

Touching, Aya Jayne, thus the name of the infant, born two days after Jayne was pronounced dead as a result of his brain could not function anymore. Thanks to Aya medical aid can be delivered safely.
Jayne pregnancy actually not problematic. But at age pregnancy at 25 weeks, he suddenly fainted, after complaining of headaches.

Soon Mahmoud rushed to hospital John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. But a few hours later, the doctors declared brain of former England national skiing ace is already dead.

The team of doctors tried to help the heart throb Jayne to stay with a variety of equipment. This effort is being done so that the baby in the stomach Jayne can be helped. Jayne was given two large doses of steroids so that the baby can grow a heart. And finally, Aya Jayne can be delivered safely by caesarean section.

After removed from the uterus Jayne, Aya was placed on the shoulders of his mother to give a little time for the two to meet.

After that Aya immediately rushed to the intensive care unit. While Mahmoud given the opportunity to say goodbye to his wife, a doctor before turning off his life support equipment.

"The doctor said there was nothing they could do for Jayne. But they need to stay strong for our unborn child, "recalls Mahmoud.

"She's very petite, small fighter like his mother," said Mahmoud who ceaselessly shed tears while holding his daughter.

Miracle: Mahmoud Soliman with his baby daughter Aya Jayne who was born two days after her mother died 
Found this photo and story HERE:

Aya word is derived from Arabic which means miracle. That is the name chosen Jayne while still alive.

"When Aya adult, I would say how much her mother loved her. I will tell you everything. This is Jayne desire to have a baby and be a good mother, "said Mahmoud.

Found the story here:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life's lessons...and I am still learning.

I have to admit  that I have wondered lately ...what it is I need to learn from my illnesses these last 6 months.
This is so true...both the good & the bad. I always try to remember this.

Yesterday the Doctor had me come in to talk about my blood results from last week.
Good news is...I don't have Step Throat like she thought, but I do have Mono and that would explain
why I have been feeling so bad for so long. I am struggling to do just the basics and when I go and do a little bit more than that, then I get very fatigued and tired.
So I am working on trying to be patient, trying to understand what it is that I need to change in my life and what I am suppose to learn from all of this. Life certainly is about lessons, yes it is and I am trying hard to learn them!
Good night dear friends!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A time for all Seasons!

I liked this article by Jason Wright about his daughter getting ready to head off to college.  I well remember when Amy was getting ready to leave for college. I remember feeling like my heart was going to break. Even though I am not sure she felt the same way at the time. She was the oldest and ready to head out the door and have some new life experiences. Although I felt like I was losing one of my best friends, my right arm and my baby ( who grew up way too fast ). I remember wanted to make a slide show or something with a song that would tell her how much we loved her and yet have photos of all of us together, so she would know her family would miss her terribly. I guess now I am glad that I didn't make that slide probably would be the big JOKE of the family. But still to this day when I hear that song, I think of Amy! She was a big part of my world, my first child and I couldn't hardly comprehend having her go. 
Now years later, I am grateful that I did let her go, did let her experience life and the choices that she needed to. I am thankful for the education she got. I am grateful for all the learning experiences that she had and for the great Mother and Wife she has become. The hard thing is...I felt the same way with all four of my kids. Yes, my heart has taken a beating with these kids. But what a blessing to see what wonderful adults they have become and how much better the world is ...with them in it! I am proud and like I said...I totally know where Jason and his wife are coming from. I know everything has it's time and season but it doesn't make any easier on a parents heart. 
This advice to High School Graduates, is great advice for actually all of us. 
Good night dear friends!

5 Things every High School Grad should do this summer!

This week my oldest child Oakli graduates from high school. Where did the time go?
Last year she was learning to walk; now she’s walking across the stage.
Last week she was in the 3rd grade; now she’s 3rd in her class.
Yesterday she answered everything we said with one word: “Why?” Now she’s heading to the “Y” – as in BYU.
As you might guess, I've thought a lot about this transition and I’m not sure which one of us is less prepared for it all. (Oh, who am I kidding? It’s the guy on the byline.)
With summer here for my daughter and several million other graduating seniors across the country, I've been considering the must-do items before we pack her for Provo. Perhaps these suggestions might work for your grad, too.
First, every child leaving the nest this fall should spend as much time as possible with s, iblings. Take them to lunch. Read them books. Push them on the swings. Grads, your relationship with them is about to change - forever. Savor summer afternoons with them while you can. If you don’t have siblings, get permission and borrow the neighbors. They won’t mind.
Second, if you don’t already have a few go-to meals to cook in a pinch, find them. Even if you’ll be living in a dorm and eating in the cafeteria, spend time with mom or dad in the kitchen learning how to make a few things that remind you of home. Take long breaths at the oven. Wear your mom’s ugly apron. Stick your finger in the bowl. Learn the recipes and discover that the experience really isn’t about cooking.
Third, make a list of people who've impacted your life for good and write them a letter. No emails, texts or Facebook messages will do. Splurge for stationary or “borrow” from your mom’s stash, sit at your dining room table and write them by hand. Knock out a few every week and you’ll be done in no time. Let them know what you've learned and how they've been a blessing in your life. Tell them you love them and recognize their role in your long arc to heaven will never be forgotten. If there isn't a minimum of ten people on your list, try harder.
Fourth, learn to really listen to your Heavenly Father. If you’re like most teenagers, you've done a lot of talking to God through the years. “Bless the food. Help us to drive home safely. Help me get an A on this Geometry test. Please make my parents less crazy.” You’ll still do plenty of asking, but use this time to really listen to your Father in heaven’s plan for you. With diligence, sincerity and by investing real time on your knees, you’ll discover that prayer isn’t a monologue. It’s a conversation.
Finally, when your mom and dad look you in the eyes, put their hands on your shoulders and take advantage of yet another teaching opportunity, just listen. Because, hypothetically, when your dad was young, he might have rolled his eyes at those moments. When his own father offered a loving course correction, too often that petulant kid may have thought he already had life all figured out. But now, as an adult with kids of his own, he’d give anything to go back in time and have his dad, smelling of grass clippings and hard work, wrap his big arms around that boy’s scrawny frame and turn the most mundane moment into a life lesson.
Don’t leave home with a list of what ifs. Remember that regrets are the permanent tattoos of emotions, and you know how parents feel about tattoos.
There is no guarantee these five suggestions will reduce the torrent of tears for anyone when the rental car pulls away from the crowded dorm parking lot. But if you give them a try, you just might have the best summer of your life.
And even if you don’t, your family sure will.
You can read more of Jason's articles HERE:
children leave home quotes - Bing Images

Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Special Days!

Yesterday our oldest granddaughter Angie got baptized. It was neat that we were able to be there and also speak at it. Only wish the rest of our kids could have been there. It is times like these that I miss having all my family together.
I still can't believe that one of my grandchildren is old enough to get baptized. When did she grow up so fast? So grateful that she has parents who love the Lord, and are willing to teach her and her sisters... the things the need to know.
Photo: Day 159: What a beautiful day...grateful all went well for Angie's special day! And very grateful for all of our family and friends who came to support Angie! #day159 #365grateful #lovethisgirl #proudmomma #greattobeeight #beautifulday #bettertogether

And today was the anniversary of our first date...36 years ago today!!!!
I thank my Heavenly Father every day for bringing him into my life!
So Two Very Special Days!
Good Night dear friends!

I think they were talking about Jeff and I, when this quote was written!

"Someday you're going to meet someone that makes you happy, makes you feel beautiful and stands by you even when you feel like you don't deserve them." 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

2 Day Sleep Over

Amy and the girls came to work to meet me yesterday. It was Friday, and so we got to watch the girls while Amy and John had a Date Night. We had an Ice Cream Social at church, so right after dinner we took the girls to that. Then at the end of the evening John and Amy took Jenny and Audrey home, and Angie got to stay for a 2 day Sleep Over.
When I put her to bed last night she asked if we could tell a few stories again. Yes it was about a little girl and her Nana, and the adventures that they have. I must still have the Mothering Stuff in me, because every story has to have a moral and lesson to it! :) After the stories we just talked about all kinds of things and then Angie asked me if I was going to live for a long time. I said " I sure hope so" her reply, "that's good Nana, because I want us to be together forever! " Thank goodness I have the knowledge that we actually can be! She is just beginning to learn and understand that ...and is excited as I am, that we will always get to be together.
So our day started out with Poppa making breakfast for us... eggs and toast...yum!
Then she got to hang out, go to the store and clean the deck with Poppa for a couple of hours, while I tutored a little girl in sewing. Then she came down to my sewing room and started making bracelets with me. She was so excited to come up with a new pattern. We took photos of it and sent them to Lee and Lauren, Lee immediately called and asked her to make one for him. She was sooo excited. She said " You know Nana, I wonder if I will become famous from making these? " I love how she thinks!
Then we headed to Michael's Craft Store to get her some more yarn to work on while she was getting her Pedicure...can you believe it?  She must be my granddaughter if she wanted to make sure that she had some crafts to work on while she was doing something else! "You go Angie girl, keep creating no matter where you are" So like I said, next we got her first Pedicure. She was sooo excited. She had so much fun and every time the ladies asked her if she liked something, her response was " It's perfect, everything is just perfect! " You can only imagine how much all the ladies loved her. Since this was the first time she had ever had a Pedicure, the lady gave her flowers on her of charge! She kept thanking them and told them we would have to come back again and again. Well, that's sweet but it's not cheap, soooo we may have to wait awhile till we do this again!

After our pedicures, a quick stop to Menchie's yogurt!

Then she went into the garden and dug up potatoes for dinner. She and Poppa made dinner. Then she ended the day with a Bubble Bath. Doesn't get much better than that!
Yes, it was a fun filled day. I am so proud to be this little girl's Nana, I sure love her and can't believe she is growing up so fast!
Well, tomorrow is another Special Day, she is getting Baptized. What a wonderful 2 Day Sleep Over!
Did I mention how tired I was?
Good Night dear friends!

"Little Girls Make the World Sweeter!" 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

When is enough , enough?

Since I was a little girl, I loved watching my Grandmother Johnny sewing and crocheting. I asked her all the time when I could start sewing and crocheting myself. We started with hand sewing first and then she taught me a little bit of sewing on her Singer Treadle Machine. 

Then I think by the age of 8 -10 or so, she started to teach me how to crochet. First by thread but that was so hard for me, that finally after a lot of whining and begging...she let me start crocheting with yarn. Since then, I have been truly that's a good thing right?
When I was babysitting Audrey the other day, she got interested in my yarn bag...let's just say, she is too young to crochet but...not too young to already have fun with yarn. Look at her face...she looks so innocent doesn't she? That is probably why I let her play with it sooooo long!

What a mess it was for me to untangle her FUN MESS! 
Maybe I am too addicted, the other day Amy and Jenny saw this fun picture on Pinterest and Jenny said..."we need to show this to Nana". Course I don't have a chicken but... of course if I did, I would have to make a styling hat for it! 

Then the other day when I was driving home, I saw this wheel cover... nice to know that there are other Crocheters out there in my neighborhood. some how it makes me feel a bit safer! :)

I think I must be addicted to crocheting because...I laughed out loud when I read this quote! Why because I know it's true!
Yarn quotes
Good Night dear friends!