Tuesday, November 11, 2008


When you write comments on my blog, I don't know exactly yet how to reply back to them so here is my email that you can contact me directly.    www.thewoodards@verizon.net

Also, some of you have asked about how Bradley is doing. I have been so tired and down that I failed to mention to some of you that Brad is getting married on December 27th to a sweetheart of a girl  Krystal Austin. They met at school and will continue to live in Idaho as they both finish off school. They are getting married in Utah where a lot of the family lives on both sides, then we will have a reception for them January 2nd for everyone to meet her. So be looking for your invitation around Christmas. I was telling Jeff that it would be nice if we could slip in a family Christmas wish from us to all of you, since it will be coming in December. Jeff nicely told me that it would be TACKY to say the least. I am not really trying to be a cheap skate, but merely saving my energy. Glad that Jeff was honest about it, before I brought it up to Brad and Krystal.  :)

If you want a sneak peek of the happy couple you can look on Lauren's blog site because she did all their engagement photos..thanks Lauren!  Her blog is ...www.adayinwashington.blogspot.com

That is another reason that I need to go forward in my surgery date, so that I will have the time to heal and rest up before we head for the wedding. Which by the way is only 6 weeks away! Is that wild or what? Christmas is coming it seems even sooner this year, but I don't care because it is my most favorite time of the year! I believe I feel a song coming on!

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