Thursday, April 30, 2015

His promise!

This week, I found out that two of my dear friends were just diagnosed with Cancer. I so remember both times, that I was diagnosed with Cancer. It is like your whole world is turned upside down and everything is put on hold. Actually the best word is...your whole world gets  Prioritized. All the things that you worry and become preoccupied all day long with, now changes because you, your life and your family become front and center. Your priorities become crystal clear.
I remember looking out the window and watching everyone going on with their day as if nothing was different and I thought, the world just keeps going on and no one knows that my family and I are going through something terrible.
I felt the same way when my Aunt Ina died, we lived with her in her home for the first 10 years of my life. She was my best friend, protector and my world. The day of her funeral, I remember the Milk man coming early in the morning ( as he did each week ) to drop off our milk ...and I thought it was so rude of him not to realize that my sweet Aunt had passed away. He didn't know her, but  I thought he should have, I thought everyone should have known my Aunt Ina, I loved her so much. And as we left her funeral, I remember looking out the window of our car and I couldn't believe that everyone's world was still going on, as if nothing ever happened. Something did happen and to a 10 year old girl, it was the biggest thing in my life, and for some reason I thought everyone should at least stop for a moment and recognize that my Aunt had passed away.

So I try hard to remember when I am around these people that I am respectful that their whole world has changed in an instant. The things that normally filled their days will be exchanged for appointments and treatments. A huge change in their lives is going on and so even though I can't do much, I can pray for them. I can try and send them cards and letters of hope and encouragement.
Both of these individuals are already amazing people with great family support. They will do fine, they will share something with the world as their courage shines through on their darkest days. How grateful I am to know that there is a God in the heavens, who loves us and knows us by name. He will keep His promise to be with us. For that we can be sure!
Good Night dear friends!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Second Chances!

From the time I was young, I always believed in Second chances, actually in Third and even Forth chances. I was always determined to make my family in the future, better than what I had. I remember when I realized that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really knew me, and would do anything to help me be successful and truly Happy in my life! That was a life changing moment for me. I knew that I was a child of God, and with that knowledge came a peace and happiness that has served me throughout my life.
In a world that doesn't like to mention faith or God, I have to admit that is my Faith that brings the most happiness and joy in my life. Life is tough, hard and there is a lot of Pain in the world. To truly understand that we are here to learn and experience hard things, things that would couldn't learn in any other settings or way, really helps. To know that we have a reason to be here and a chance to live again after this life... is a great blessing.
I loved to hear how this Navy Seal, a very tough, and successful man, finally felt that Happiness and Peace in his life, that he had been missing.
Hope you enjoy it too!
Good night dear friends!

Founding member of SEAL Team Six shares journey to faith

Michael Moore, Larry Barrett and Frank Phillips (location and date unknown).
Michael Moore, Larry Barrett and Frank Phillips (location and date unknown).
Frank Anthony Phillips sits in his clean, organized office next to his wife, Marci. Midday rays pour through a window and bathe them both in flattering light. When Frank looks at his best friend, which he does often during our two-hour interview, his features soften and the Spirit draws a smile on his experienced face.
Frank was a founding member of one of the United States military’s closest, most elite families: the Navy’s SEAL Team Six. He is accomplished — both on the battlefield and in business. He’s also authentic, genuine and tough.
In fact, he’s so tough, people don’t tell those clever Chuck Norris-style jokes about Frank Phillips. They wouldn’t be funny; they’d be true.
These are the 76 original members of SEAL Team Six, often called "Plank owners."
These are the 76 original members of SEAL Team Six, often called “Plank owners.”
Marci is a founding member of a biological family she never knew. As an infant, she was dropped on a doorstep in Korea and soon adopted in the United States. She is kind, extraordinarily capable and equally accomplished in business.
As I listen to Frank, as I watch his clear, confident eyes, it’s obvious he possesses great faith and trust in three things: God, Marci and second chances.
Sometime after confirmation at age 13, he began to lose his taste for faith. Though his parents rarely attended, they insisted the children not miss a Sunday. When they dropped Phillips and a brother off at the chapel, the boys would wait for the family car to disappear. Then, they’d do the same. With tithing tucked in their pockets, they darted to a nearby donut shop.
The doughnut shop where Frank Phillips and his brother often spent their tithing as boys growing up in California.
The doughnut shop where Frank Phillips and his brother often spent their tithing as boys growing up in California.
By age 16, Phillips was a popular jock who enjoyed parties and dreamed of independence. Finally, after running away and being tracked down by his father and some high school coaches, his parents agreed that if he earned his GED, they would allow him to enlist in the Navy at age 17 following his junior year.
He did, and Phillips proved a quick study. Before long he became a member of the Underwater Demolition Team — a Navy frogman — and was raising eyebrows with his drive, desire and ambition to get things done.
Meanwhile, the world was in turmoil. In late 1979, the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was overrun by Iranian students and 66 Americans were taken hostage. In April 1980, a rescue attempt dubbed “Operation Eagle Claw” tragically failed and the Navy knew it was time for a new, world-class counterterrorism unit to rival the Army’s elite Delta Force.
Frank Phillips graduates from the Navy's BUD/S.
Frank Phillips graduates from the Navy’s BUD/S.
Commanding Officer Richard Marcinko was tasked with launching this exclusive squad. He called it “SEAL Team Six,” reportedly to confuse the Russians and other enemies on the number of actual teams in action. Marcinko wrote extensively about this experience in his best-selling book, “Rogue Warrior.” He’s also spoken about his experiences on many television shows.
Over a period of just six months, Marcinko handpicked 76 of the Navy’s best, including Phillips, and trained for a rescue mission that would not be needed. Days before launching, on Jan. 20, 1981, the hostages were freed as Ronald Reagan gave his inaugural address in Washington, D.C.
The training, however, was not in vain and SEAL Team Six would take part in high-stakes operations around the globe. They are the team responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden, along with many other high-profile worldwide operations. Though other similar groups have come and gone, SEAL Team Six continues today as one of the most elite special operations counter terrorist units in the world.
Frank Phillips and Marci Carter on their honeymoon in 2007.
Frank Phillips and Marci Carter on their honeymoon in 2007.
During Phillips’ 16 years as a part of SEAL Team Six, and later as a founding member of Red Cell, the first anti-terrorism team, he lived hard and experienced things most will only see in movies. When he wasn’t saving someone else’s life, someone was saving his.
He’s been blessed with second chances in firefights, chases, close combat and in amassing more than 800 parachute jumps. Many of those trips started from a commercial jet 35,000 feet above the Earth and while traveling more than 600 miles per hour. Imagine spending more than 25 minutes navigating your way to the ground in enemy territory.
Though he retired into the private sector in 1991, Phillips’ life continued to run at high speeds. He excelled in business and was soon managing high-level security and training projects around world worth half-a-billion dollars.
“You had it all,” I tell Phillips as our discussion swivels from career to faith.
Frank Phillips and Marci Carter on their honeymoon in 2007.
Frank Phillips and Marci Carter on their honeymoon in 2007.
“Not really,” he answered. “I had a hollowness in me. I was not fulfilled. I’d always been a challenge-driven guy. I wanted the next mission and I wanted to be the top SEAL, top unit, top guy at work. I had achieved all that and acquired these material skills sets. But I was still never satisfied.”
He turns to his wife. “Even in relationships, I felt empty.”
Then came Marci in 2005. They met as colleagues working at a large defense contractor.
“I remember thinking, here is this V.P. of this company and he has a dinky little American flag on his desk,” Marci recalls as Frank’s eyes lock on her profile. “I thought it was goofy at first. But I learned very quickly how important it was to him. I learned what patriotism really is and that I’d taken it for granted.”
Marci describes how, for the first time in her career, she saw an executive who actually followed through on every commitment. “That struck me. I realized that Frank is a person of action. If you want something to get done, you ask Frank. And he had such ethics — that stood out.”
Moments before his baptism with, from left, Quentin Phillips, Marci Carter, Frank Phillips, Sister Malloy, Sister Lewis and Barry Bryant.
Moments before his baptism with, from left, Quentin Phillips, Marci Carter, Frank Phillips, Sister Malloy, Sister Lewis and Barry Bryant.
Soon after they began dating, Marci invited him to church. She’d drifted away from her faith — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — and knew it was time to return. She wanted the happiness only the gospel brings, and she wanted to share that with him.
“This was a new season in his life. I understood the things he’d done, who he used to be, but I didn’t see him that way.”
Over the next two years, Marci continued to learn what the country meant to Frank, and Frank learned what the gospel meant to Marci. Frank was taught by friends, church members and Marci’s parents. “But it wasn’t the words,” Frank says. “It was the actions of those around me.”
Many friends attended Frank Phillip's baptism, including from left, Steven Lowe, Becky Lowe, Marci Carter, Frank Phillips
Many friends attended Frank Phillip’s baptism, including from left, Steven Lowe, Becky Lowe, Marci Carter, Frank Phillips
In June 2007, Frank was baptized by Barry Bryant, one of the church members most responsible for his continued conversion.
“I get goosebumps when I think about it,” Frank says. “It’s what I love most about the doctrine. This baptismal process, and the cleansing of my sins. I prayed it would all be true, this chance to start anew.”
When Frank came out of the water, he felt a warm, overwhelming feeling of relief. “I knew I’d been cleansed. Suddenly, 50 years was off my shoulders.”
The couple was married a month later, adopted into a loving, accepting ward family. In 2009, they were sealed in the Washington D.C. Temple, and they have countless church members to thank for fellowshipping and answering questions along Frank’s journey.
In between colorful stories and lessons learned, Marci and Frank both offer praise of her parents and how without them, she wouldn’t have the gospel. “They’ve been the biggest blessing in my life,” Marci says. “I know that God put me on a detour through Korea, but he knew where my earthly parents would be.”
Frank Phillips teaches a safety class at Golden Seal Enterprises.
Frank Phillips teaches a safety class at Golden Seal Enterprises.
When I ask Frank to consider some of the things that drew him to the gospel, he starts by nodding at his wife. “A big part of my testimony is sitting right next to me.”
He adds an appreciation for living prophets and apostles and the blessing of temple service. “The church is so service oriented, and we trust everyone does their part.”
The thought prompts him to make another military analogy. “When I think about the men I served with, I trusted them with my life.” He smiles at his wife and continues, “I do the same for her. We would die for each other.”
We listen as he’s reminded of the parable of the lost sheep. “It’s all about the ninety and nine versus the one,” he shares. “We save the one, no matter who it is.”
Frank Phillips poses in his office at Golden Seal Enterprises in Winchester, Virginia.
Frank Phillips poses in his office at Golden Seal Enterprises in Winchester, Virginia.
Today, the couple owns and operates a successful high-end training and security firm in Virginia. With employees around the world,Golden Seal Enterprises offers protective security services, weapons training, law enforcement courses, specialized driving training and more. But none of it, Phillips says, is more important than what they do as husband and wife, home and visiting teacher, Young Women president and counselor in a bishopric in the Berryville Ward in Winchester, Virginia.
As we prepare to say goodbye, I note how much good Frank Anthony Phillips has done with his second chances at life, love and faith.
“Well, it’s because I’m no longer empty,” he says. “Because of the gospel, I’m a different man.”

Sunday, April 26, 2015

How could she be two?

Hard to believe that 2 years ago today, Miss Audrey came into our family. She came out as a Red head and now is a totally Blondie! She has a lot of personality in that little body of hers. She has been such a treat to have around.

She is my first Granddaughter to really love her baby dolls, that has been very fun for Nana. Not that I don't mind making clothes and quilts for dinosaurs and rocks but... but it is nice to have a change for a bit and have them play with dolls!
 She had fun this year at Snowflake lane, upon Poppa's shoulders!
She loves to cook when she is over at Nana's house!

She likes to sing to her baby before putting her to bed. Yes, you are right, I am teaching her Christmas songs to sing to them! :) Can never start too early!
 Then of course she prays with her dollie before putting her to bed. Sweet! I am so grateful that her Mom and Dad are teaching her at such a young age, the importance of prayer! She will be able to use that her whole life. Some people have never been taught to pray, and don't know how to. I realize that my grandchildren have been so blessed to have families to teach them how to pray!

Happy Birthday dear sweet Audrey Jane, you have brought so much fun and happiness in our lives. Life is always a SURPISE when you are around, we never know what you will do next! But that seems to fit just perfect in your family with you and your sisters! Watch out world!

Birthday Quotes | Quotation Inspiration

Thursday, April 23, 2015

So glad you were BORN!

Today is our youngest son Lee Austin's 22nd Birthday! Where has the time gone? I can't believe that he is that old already!
I thought I could tell you alittle about him with all these fun photos of him in our lives. Obviously you can see why we are so glad he is a part of our family!
He wasn't our biggest baby, but by far got to be our biggest baby AFTER he was born.  Like this shirt on the right that I made for him and Lauren to match. It was so tight getting it on ( just look at his little wrist ) that we had to cut it off of him after the Christmas photos! :)
But you can see him here at Lauren's wedding last year, that he has slimmed down a bit and looks great in his clothes! :)
Lauren was so excited to get a baby but yet wasn't sure when she came to the hospital to see him. Think she finally figured out that he might be taking a little bit of the attention from everyone. She wasn't sure about that. She couldn't wait for him to grow up and learn to pretend. She had always wanted a puppy, so as soon as he could crawl, she taught him how to bark and put a rope, string, fabric, phone cord or ANYTHING she could find around his neck. Yes, he is lucky to be here and lucky that we rescued him from his Big Sister Lauren on a daily basis!
He she is, still has something around his neck! At least he is big enough to take it now!

He is always one for an adventure and has always been easy going!

He is crazy about his cousins, wish we had more photos of them with him. Here he is with Bethany and Baby Jesus, yes he was our Joseph that year, it fit him perfectly because he has such a Good Heart!
Now look at them all gron up ( on the top right ). 
Lee has always been his Aunt Shirley's favorite and everyone knows that! 

He also has been a Favorite Uncle Lee to all the kids!
We lovingly call him the Child Whisperer! :) It's true, he is a Natural at that! 
Now you can see why!
We call Lee ...Austin, as much as we call him Lee. Austin is his middle name and he was named after his Great Grandmother Bertha Mable Austin! She was still alive when he was born and she was so excited that we gave him her maiden name! 
One of his favorite places is also our family's favorite places ...Port Townsend, since he was born, we have gone there for Family Reunions, yes it's part HOME to all of us!

Right now his home is in Idado where he is going to college, yes I am afraid he is becoming a bit of a cowboy at heart! I am sure the love of Country Music will be next! :)

Lee's first word was BALL, and I swear he hasn't let go of one since he was born. He has always been a Natural Athelete too!

Well Lee, we love you and are so glad that you were BOURNE ( private joke with this photo), to our family! We wouldn't be complete without YOU!!!!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who is the best Mom?

A friend of mine just had her 2nd baby, when asking her how she felt with this one compared to having her first...she just smiled and said "everything was much easier". 
I found that out for myself when Amy (our oldest) was born. She really was an easy baby and yet I must have called the NURSE ON CALL a million times! At least once or twice a day. Questions that were like this ... "Amy's arm turns blue and purple looking sometimes when I am nursing her, what does that mean?", Amy hasn't burped the last 2 feedings, what do I do? and on and on went the panicked questions to this seasoned nurse and Mom.
She was never rude or complained about how many times I called. She was my life saver! I probably called her as many times as I called my Mom...that is serious! Even her kids knew my voice on the phone when I called and would say " Mom, it's Lynn again! "
The first day that Jeff had to go back to work after Amy was born, I remember sobbing after he left, and then praying hard that some how I would know how to take care of this little newborn baby that was completely dependent on me! I didn't have any of those Natural Instincts everyone talks about, at least not yet!
By the time I had Brad ( Our second oldest ), I had become a little calmer and seemed to know a few more things about how to handle babies and be a Mom. Still each child  brought their own type of challanges, yet...slowly I was gaining more Wisdom and for that I was grateful.
Then somewhere in between the beginning of Motherhood and up till having kids in School there comes this competitive/ comparison thing that seems to happen. You start to judge yourself critically at times, by what you see other Mothers doing or accomplishing! Then the real pressure starts. It is real and yet it should be funny because no two babies are alike, no two Moms are alike and especially no two family situations are why do we compare ourselves to everything and everyone?

 Finally, as you get older as a Mom, you realize what really matters is what you are doing and can do. But sometimes this takes a while to figure it out.

Amy and I went to a Womens Conference last month, there was this Mom there ( Lisa Valentine Clark ) that is an author and actor. Anyway, this is the first video I had seen of hers, she was and is halarious and she hits the nail on the head when it comes to Competion between Moms. You have to watch it, she is too funny and I think most Moms will relate to it. Anyway if you haven't laughed for today...then watch this!
watch her HERE:
She has a lot more videos to watch HERE:
Hope you enjoy it!
Good Night dear friends!
Children are the MOST Important Work / C.S. by HandwrittenWord, $5.00 Good quote to add to my classroom.
There is no way to ... #motherhood #quotes

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What an amazing story!

I just found Noah Galloway's story HERE:

BIO - Noah Galloway
What an amazing story of sacrifice and courage.

I am always impressed to see people who have adversities that come into their lives, and yet they come out the better and stronger for it.
Of course I don't have to look very far to see that type of strength and courage... because my oldest brother Mike is one of those amazing people.

He was severely injured in the Vietnam War when he was only 19 years old.
I have watched him my whole life since then, work and fight to make it back to some sort of normal life and that he has done. He is a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Teacher and Coach. I would say he far exceeded a normal life, it is more like an amazing life!

He never gave up, and for that courage and example, I am very grateful!
Thanks to all those men and women who have served and sacrificed so much for our Country!
We are eternally grateful!

So now you probably understand why I can't feel sorry for myself for too long with having a big brother like that! Although I have had to call him a few times... to help me get my perspective back, and I am very grateful that he truly knows how to help me do that.

Good night dear friends!

Monday, April 20, 2015

When will my view change?

This is the view that I have been looking at for the past 5 days. Me wrapped up in my Chicken Soup Quilt and drinking hot herbal tea ( out of my new mug a dear friend got me ), to trying and get my BONE COLD feeling... to warm up.  I must have caught the bug that my granddaughter had a few weeks ago. Not every flu effects everyone in the same way, and like Jeff said yesterday " I have never seen anyone get as sick as you do". ( Says the man who never gets sick ).

When I first came up with the Chicken Soup Quilt, it was when Amy ( our oldest child ) left for college. And she called me when she got sick at school. I was beside myself, how do you take care of one of your kids when they are so far away? This was a first for me as a Mother with a kid in college. I had seen this cute chicken fabric at one of our local store a few months earlier.
One night when I went to bed worrying about Amy, I dreamed about making a Chicken Soup Quilt, one that I could give my kids when they were sick and no matter how far away we were, they would always have their quilt to wrap up in and feel better. Now I wasn't really into quilting much at all back then, so making this quilt was a huge undertaking and ( I even had lots of help from my friends.)

Lauren took a photo of it with her FAMOUS BEAR and we have made it into cards, that we still send people. Then my sister in law Shirley and I got the big idea that we should make some for her kids too, so we started working on 10 quilt tops, 5 for her and 5 for me ( we only have 4 kids each but we wanted to have one for our house too. ) So do our kids love their Chicken Soup Quilts? Well, let's just say that we got the tops done and are still  (years later ) waiting to finish them up for my kids. I have been laying under my original Chicken Soup Quilt! That sounds terrible that we didn't get those finished huh? Well, it takes a bit of money to get the backs and the batting for all of those, plus then other projects took priority. If you are a quilter...then I don't need to explain any more. :)
Nothing comes easy. You've gotta work and work hard for it.

I have been sick for 5 days now, and it must have been a virus because, my body aches are the worst. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia off and on for years but usually it is not something I have to suffer with on a  daily basis.
 At first, I thought that was what it was, but then the fever and the sore throat and etc... came with it.
I am always amazed at how PAIN effects so many things. makes TIME seem to slow down changes your perspective, seems as if I might feel like this forever! makes it hard to have a Happy
Thought, hurting this bad, is truly discouraging makes me lonely,  I am not going anywhere, I don't feel like doing anything, seeing or even talking to anyone much. I just hurt. I haven't left the house since Weds. makes me sad that I don't take better care of my body or that I push my body so hard ( think that is where the wisdom is suppose to kick in on the future ).
... it makes me not even feel like creating of any type and for me ...that is a big problem, I create all day long and live for that!
What does it do good? Makes me more grateful for good days, for health, perspective, the ability to create and have much much much more compassion for those who suffer way more than I ever have and for such a long time.  More of life's lessons to learn, they sure are hard at times though.

Whether we like it or not... a there's a purification that comes from pain. Pain is the mother of all growth. - james arthur ray

I was grateful that I was finally able to finish my afghan before I got sick, or Amy's girls got sick. We have already put it to good use! ( now that was sort of a Positive thought, right ?)
"The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart."  ~Nikolai Lenin

Good night dear friends!