Tuesday, March 31, 2015


This was a great article.
Thought it was a good reminder for us all!
Good night dear friends!

Follow God’s example and say ‘no’ to your kids — sometimes

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Kason and Koleson WrightAs you read this — no matter where you live — this scene is available in a store near you.
A child looks up at Mom or Dad and asks for something they want, but almost most certainly doesn’t need. If the answer is “no,” the child often asks again in a different tone and rhythm.
Like a composer, they add another instrument each time they ask. Sometimes, the begging and pleading and become so loud it’s like a symphony heard across the store, or worse, the ZIP code.
We’ve all been there. We were the child, the parent or the stranger in line behind them.
The theme appears everywhere: The kid who wants a sleepover. The movie your son wants to watch that he’s just not ready for. The school dance where your daughter wants to make an appearance, but with a boy you’d like to actually disappear.
Contrary to what our children might believe, we don’t say “no” because we delight in their distress. We say “no” because it’s the best answer. But do we say “no” often enough?
Here’s another scene unfolding somewhere near you, but much more reverently.
A mother prays for the son who raged and barged out of the house two years ago that she hasn’t seen since. Mom just wants him home, and she prays that God will say “yes” and deliver him to her doorstep.
Three streets over, a woman is also asking God for a child. She’s been trying to get pregnant for years and fears the window is quickly closing. She asks every single day, but the answer has not changed. Like a child in the store, she’s also crying. But her tears come not from disappointment — they spring from grief.
Across town a teenage boy is likewise on his knees. He’s pleading and bargaining with his Heavenly Father that his earthly father will come home from yet another trip to the hospital. Dad has been battling cancer and more than anything, his son wants him to attend his high school graduation, his wedding and to be back at the hospital in a happier wing — labor and delivery — to one day meet a grandchild.
Every day we call out to God — our father — and ask him for things we both want and need. In his own time, he has a way of meeting those needs, and, occasionally, even our wants.
But he often says “no.”
Every day our children come to us and ask for things they both want and need. Sometimes we believe that to show love, or to end the asking, or to end the tantrum, we must say “yes.” But if we believe that there is a heavenly pattern to parenting, shouldn’t we say “no” more often?
Next time you’re the awkward stranger watching one of these dramatic family moments play out next to the candy bar rack, glance in the cart and see what you find. There are exceptions, of course, but you usually see exactly what the child needs. Bread, milk, eggs, perhaps new socks and maybe an item or two they want.
It might be their favorite cereal, a new coloring book, or that bag of chips Mom doesn’t normally buy.
If you believe in God, if you believe he is our literal Father in heaven, the next time you’re faced with the decision of getting something your child wants but does not necessarily need, try saying “no.”
No matter how badly they think they need it, consider all you know about their life that they have not yet learned. Consider that you’re taking care of their needs and helping them grow through the “no.”
Say it with love. Say it with compassion and patience. But say it.
God loves us. But sometimes, despite our deepest desires, he says “no” because he sees more than the here and now — he sees what’s best for us over an eternity.
Likewise, we love our children. But sometimes, despite their deepest desires, we should say “no” because we see more than the here and now — we see what’s best for them along their earthly journey in our care.
Don’t be afraid to say “no.” If it’s good for God, it’s good for us.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A True Friend!

What a great article and tribute to a TRUE FRIEND!!!
I found the article in a blog HERE:
Take a few minutes to read it...it is soooo worth it!
Good night dear friends (who many of you, have been this type of friend to me! Thanks! )


Last week I had my good friend and her boys over for a play date. What I love about getting together with her is that there’s freedom to be real. I didn’t race around my house minutes before she came to make it look presentable. I didn’t attempt to create the allusion that I had time to do my hair. Instead, this is how it went down.
I greeted her with sopping wet hair. I was wearing yoga pants and carrying my twin girls in their bath towels who had decided to jump in the shower with me minutes earlier. The breakfast dishes were barely cleaned up and the toys were already covering the floor for the day.
And the best part? She didn’t care. Because she gets it. She gets that sleep was probably interrupted the night before and that I chose to rest a few extra minutes instead of waking up early to dry and curl my hair. She gets that showering alone sometimes isn’t an option and that I had to drag the kids along just so I could wash myself. She gets that dishes are never ending and there’s no such thing as all the toys being put away. She gets it all. 
She understands that more than anything, what I need during this season isn’t the stress of preparing for a get together, but that I need to know I’m not alone. So she continually meets me where I’m at.
We chat about the good, the bad, and the unknown, while our kids run wild and destroy the house. We pretend not to notice it. Because honestly? We’re willing to sacrifice just about anything, including a controlled environment, for a couple hours of adult conversation.
When one kid dumps an entire bag of cereal on the table and the next one throws it all over the floor, we laugh and enjoy the chaos. Then, she grabs the broom while holding my baby and starts sweeping it up.
She meets me in my mess. Time and time again.
My hope for all of us is that we’d pursue friendships in our messes. That we wouldn’t wait to reach out until we have it all together. When you welcome someone over to your dirty house, I guarantee it’ll make that friend feel even more loved to know you trust her with your real life stuff.
The truth is, none of us live in a perfect house with a white picket fence. There’s always more to the story, and there’s nothing better than to let someone in to YOUR story. That’s where life gets rich, it’s where we learn that we were placed on this earth to bring light into each other’s darkness.
You are loved today, friend. Even in your messiest darkest hour, you are worthy of love.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter is almost here...can't you just feel it?

Saw this video to teach our kids about the importance of EASTER.
It was wonderful and touching...watch it HERE:
What a great reminder to appreciate this Easter Season!

Good Night dear friends!

"I testify to you this day that the time will come when every man, woman, and child will look into the Savior's loving eyes. On that day, we will know with a surety the worth of our decision to straightway follow Him."  --Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Follow Me", Ensign, May 2002

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What do you believe?

Boy, I read this quote and thought that we as Mothers, Nanas and Aunts...should have a plaque with this saying on it, hanging somewhere in our homes, so we could see if often!
 How important it is to teach this to your children from a very, very young age!
It will make a huge difference to have them armed with this knowledge, before the world tries to label them.

Love this photo of Kai, at Lauren's wedding this past September. He felt so good about himself that he showed us how he could dance and drink his Apple Cider at the same time. That boy has some real talent!

Miss Audrey thought that Poppa and Aunt Lauren just forgot to ask her to Dance, so she joined right in on the Father/Daughter Dance ...Aunt Lauren didn't mind at all!

 Yes, teaching our children and grandchildren at a young age...to know who they are, reminding them what their worth is, and telling them over and over again ...that there is no one in the world quite like them... is simply the best and most important knowledge for them in the world!
Good night dear friends!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Serving Others!

I was interested in this article by Jason Wright, because I know about Shellie Gardner through Stampin Up Stamps.
I have had parties for this company for years and was so excited to see that she and her husband have decided to serve a Mission for our church.
Jeff and I have always hoped that some day we too can serve a mission together.
My mission as a young 21 year girl was one of the greatest decisions in my life and truly the Turning Point in my life. Jeff served too and felt the same.
 I realized as I served my Heavenly Father, and was a Witness and Representative for Jesus Christ ...that that is exactly what life is all about. Loving and serving others and staying close to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It has made me happier than I ever could have imagined.
So I am so happy for the Gardners to have this chance to serve. It will be something that they, their children and grandchildren remember! It was effect generations to come...for good.

CEO of multimillion-dollar company steps down to serve mission with husband

Gardner_mission-1Two weeks ago, Utah-based Stampin’ Up! CEO and co-founder Shelli Gardner stood in the center of a well-lit stage in Orlando, Florida. She’s broken news to their independent demonstrators many times during the company’s 27-year history, but this announcement was different.
This speech wasn’t about finances, compensations or product rollouts. For the company with revenues in the millions — as in, hundreds of millions — plus 450 employees and more than 40,000 demonstrators in 10 countries, this announcement was about something much more valuable.
With 1,600 in the audience and thousands more watching online, most of whom are not members of their faith, Gardner revealed that she and her husband, Sterling, are stepping down from the company to step up to a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
They’ve been called to the Hawaii Honolulu Mission and report to the Missionary Training Center on March 23.
I spoke the next day at this same conference in Orlando and I asked the Gardners why they chose such a public forum for a personal announcement. “This was always the plan,” Shelli said. “We decided that we wanted to tell our leadership base first. If they found out later, or from someone else, they might have been hurt or nervous about the company. But we’re a family. And if you didn’t tell your family first that you were leaving for a mission, their feelings would be hurt. So the same is true with the company.”
Her husband agreed. “We want people to be a part of this. We want them to know why we’re doing it and that we’re excited to serve the Lord. Maybe we can plant some seeds and they’ll become curious, ask questions.”
Though many might have been shocked by the choice to step away from the company she co-founded with her sister almost three decades ago, the decision was a long time coming. “We’d always said someday we’d go,” her husband offered, “but we weren’t specific about what ‘someday’ meant.”
Then a church conference turned “someday” into a real date on the calendar. “Our leaders have really emphasized the need for senior married couples. We were told to feel some urgency and go as soon as we were able. So, I wrote early 2015 on the calendar,” Shelli said and then laughed. “I’ll be honest. I didn’t think it would come so quickly.”
When our conversation turned to their other family, the children and grandchildren they will leave behind, the Gardners didn’t stamp over their feelings. “Yes, we will miss our family, of course. I even cried in sacrament meeting this week sitting next to one of my grandchildren singing the songs. But we know it’s only a short time and we want to be busy, focused and serve the best we can.”
Sterling, the more quiet and reserved of the two, became emotional thinking of those who will remain home while they labor for the Lord. “Aw,” Shelli said, “I have a tender soul sitting next to me.”
He quipped, “just allergies.”
The Gardners are confident the company will be in great hands. Their daughter, Sara Douglass, will take a more prominent role during their absence. “She and our corporate team have known for years we were going sometime. And Sara has been around the company since she was very young. She’s grown up with it.”
Those familiar with the company know that Shelli suffered a serious horse riding accident in 2013 where she fractured her wrist, sacrum, pelvis and collarbone. But the painful experience became a critical learning opportunity and reminded the couple what a powerful team they had around them. “It was such an eye opener,” Shelli said. “It was the turning point that proved we could go. Everyone stepped up.”
“As important as we think we are,” Sterling added, “we learned others can handle things just as well, even better.”
The couple spoke freely about their faith that the Lord will bless their family while they’re away, at the same time acknowledging not everything will be perfect. “It won’t all be hunky dory at home. Maybe the business won’t go as planned. But we know that if we live by faith, and do as we’re asked, it all turns out in the end.”
Even if everything fell apart while they were gone, they believe good comes from difficult situations. “We’re not naïve. Some people leave and serve missions and things go wrong. So they come home and start over.”
And that’s exactly what the Gardners would do.
When offered an opportunity to give advice to senior couples still deciding whether to serve, they counsel to push the envelope.
“Have faith,” Sterling said. “Serve. Learn. Do. Set the date and let people know. It commits you. Once you make that commitment, just get it done.”
Shelli added an energetic ending. “Jump!” She sounded like she was standing back on stage in Orlando with bright lights and anxious eyes on her. “Just do it.”
And what will happen after they jump, just do it and return home to their family?
They’ll take a breath, briefly return to the stage and do it all again.
found the article HERE:
Good Night dear friends!
You Have Not Lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring is almost here!

Last week Amy asked me to go with her to help with the girls while they got their shots. I laughed when she asked me that...because I hated to even take my own kids to get their shots.
But the girls did really well, and all we did was go to a store and let them have some fun.

Audrey only needed a little bug!
And a cute mask...just made everyone smile. Then back at home they played with Bird Wings from their
Dress up clothes. I am so glad that they have enjoyed these wings so long! I remember how many longs hours it took me to make them in my sewing room years ago! :)
So you know it's almost Spring when you see all these bugs, birds and bunnies! :)

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Good Night dear friends!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bigger than me day today!

Today I spent a big part of a day at the Dentist today. I actually called them on my own. I realized since the first time that I went into this new Dentist of ours, it was when I had a abscess tooth last year. The focus was on me getting my flipper ( temporary tooth ) before the Wedding.  Because of all that we were doing, I never went in for my regular check up. I really felt like I should call and get that cleaning and checkup appointment so that I could get on top of the issues I knew I had with my teeth.
I have always had bad teeth, every since I was a little girl...I had lots of teeth issues.
Jeff on the other hand has already had good teeth. Some people have all the luck.

#Life is short! #Live it now! Find out how at placeboeffect.com today!

So I found out today, that I have to have a few crowns and quite a few cavities to fill. Then we found out that I have to go to have my blood pressure figured out...it is running too low.
Tough day, I came home...cried and laid down for a nap.
Some times I wonder why I don't have good dental or doctor appointments? I try so hard to take care of myself and yet sometimes, you would never know that by any of my results.
Definitely a bigger than me day!
So I just keep rereading these quotes...to make me laugh...I need to try to smile about something!

Good night dear friends!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What a great weekend!

This weekend I spent time with my daughter Amy at a meeting called Time Out For Women. It was a great meeting and one... that was a great reminder of how important it is, to love yourself and to remember how important you are.
 It was mostly about standing as a Witness of God in all things and in all things. Reminding us to be Living Proof every day that we are Daughters of God.

It was a great weekend and spiritually uplifting!
So grateful for this opportunity this weekend, we only wish Lauren and Krystal  could have been there with us!!!
Good Night dear friend!

P.S. I got to see a dear friend of mine. It had been 6 years or more years since we had seen each other. She and I were companions on our Mission 35 years ago! Where has the time gone?

"Self-worth is so vital to your happiness. If you don't feel good about You, it's hard to feel good about anything else".  ~ Mandy Hale

Friday, March 20, 2015

Where has the time gone?

3 years ago today our little Grandson Kai ( and cowboy at heart ) was born. He is our first Grandson and 3rd Grandchild. His full name is Hezekiah Williams and we have been in love with him from the start. We just got to spend almost 2 weeks with them, how grateful we are that we get to spend some time with him each year. Of course it never feels like enough but through the phone and the computer, we try to stay connected!

So here are a few photos of him NOW and the past few years!
He is growing up so fast, his eyes are getting darker and he is all boy! A very handsome 3 year old that is for sure!

Lucky for him, he has an incredibly talented Mom and Dad who absolutely gave him the coolest Dinosaur party ever! My kids are so talented in the parties that they do for our Grand kids, that they make the parties I did for them (when they were little), look pretty lame! :)

It has been so fun sewing for this little guy. He always looks like a little man going to Church on Sundays!

He is the love of his Mommy's heart...that's the way boys are you know with their Moms!

 He like Uncle Lee, loves wearing a hat!
For church I made him ties and bow ties. Then a quiet book to help him be more reverent when he gets to church!

He hardly ever leaves  his Daddy's side, and always wants to eat ...or wear ...or do whatever his Dad is doing! He is their little man!

He is an all around American Boy and by this last photo...you can tell that he is Well Loved!
Happy Birthday dear Kai! We love you more than words can say!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Passing on a beloved ART!

Tonight I had the chance to teach a dear friend of mine how to crochet. I have always sorta felt like it is a lost art... but now it seems like it becoming popular again. My Grandmother would be so proud. She taught me as a little girl, and now I am trying to pass that love of creating to my Grandkids, all of which seem excited about it ( well except for Miss Audrey, but she loves to play in the yarn ).

This friend tonight was an exception to the rule to be honest with you, she picked it up so fast. I know that she was excited to learn but it was more than that. She just got it and was so comfortable with the hook and the yarn ...so quickly.

I taught her just like I teach anyone, just how to hold the hook, hold the yarn and keep tension on it and then to do just the basic stitch, over and over again until you get your rhythm down. It is just like anything else though, the more you practice the easier it should get...if it is going to be your hobby. If it doesn't, then I would suggest you try something else. Sorta like me and knitting, I have tried and tried it, finally got the knack of it more than ever before...but then realized I couldn't wait to put it down and start crocheting. So I figured ...not everyone was made to knit and that's ok!
With that reality, I was a bit discouraged but just decided to challenge myself in learning something harder in crocheting. That is when I got addicted to this Basket Weave Stitch! Too fun, too cute and I figured it out...with a help of another friend, but this time she was the teacher! " What goes around, comes around".
So here is what my sweet friend crocheted in just a short period of time while we talked. Yes, she can crochet and talk already at the same time...that's impressive!

If I had a cake like this, I would give it to her and say "CONGRATS ANOTHER CROCHETER...IS BORN! "
Then I would tell her the sad truth that will be coming in her future. This quote says it all! :)

Oh how true! ❥Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/❥

Good Night dear friends!

Reasons to Crochet ✭Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/ ✭

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What an inspiring quote!

Some days I really need to remember this!
Good Night dear friends!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What Cancer cannot do

Jeff and I watched this program the other night called FIRST DECENTS
It is an inspirational program that he started all because of his love for his Aunt, and
for his Dad's example of the love he had for his sister ( who was battling cancer ).
What an amazing and accomplised young man and what a great giving and caring heart he has.
I was so impressed for his humility and love for others.
I think this is really what life is suppose to be all about... being there for others, especially your family!
Take a minute to watch his youtube... it is simply amazing!
And truly he is making a difference in the world to a LOT of Survivors!
Good night dear friends!

Watch it HERE:
Read more about him here:

You may have noticed I've been MIA on the blog. Here's the scoop on all the crazy stuff that's been going on and how I got through it!
And Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

Maybe do something similar on a smaller scale with a picture frame? @Tiffany Bruch

Monday, March 16, 2015

Date Night!

Tonight Jeff and I decided to go on a Date Night, since we missed ours with Jeff being sick. He started feeling bad on Weds night and by Thursday morning, I realized that he was still home and so I knew he had to be sick. He doesn't hardly ever take a Sick Day.
He had a bad rash all over and by the time he got to a Doctor...it was all over his body. It was a nasty Allergic Reaction, bad news after even a 2nd opinion ...no one knew what caused it. Finally he had to get Steriod Shots and today he is finally starting to get a bit better. Still hoping we find out soon what it was that caused such a reaction. Anyway...he is starting to feel better and so we decided to do our Date Night tonight.
We decided to go to the Movies, we went to McFarland USA.
It was an incredible uplifting and inspiring! I would recommend it to anyone!

Not often do you find a movie that is good and CLEAN!!!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

A true work of art!

I have loved this photo of Michelangelo's statue.
It is a depiction of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, on the lap of His Mother.
I have always had a special feeling about Mary ( the Mother of Christ ). She was such a faithful and confident women who obeyed the incredible mission that Heavenly Father gave her, to be the Mother of the Son of God.
How I want to be like her,to have great faith and be willing to do what ever is asked of me.
 As a Mother, I have no idea how her heart was able to hold all the things she had to go through as the Mother of Christ. This part of her son's life (the end ) would be one of the hardest I would think. To watch your child suffer is one of the toughest things I have experienced as a Mother, so I admire Mary with an admiration that is hard to explain.
I am grateful for Mary's strength and courage and for this artist's talent... to bring such a beautiful piece of art to the world, as a reminder of that.
Good night dear friends!

Found the photo HERE:

Pietà (Michelangelo)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dimensions174 cm × 195 cm (68.5 in × 76.8 in)
LocationSt. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
The Pietà (1498–1499) is a world-famous work of Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in St. Peter's BasilicaVatican City. It is the first of a number of works of the same theme by the artist. The statue was commissioned for the French Cardinal Jean de Bilhères, who was a representative in Rome. The sculpture, in Carrara marble, was made for the cardinal's funeral monument, but was moved to its current location, the first chapel on the right as one enters the basilica, in the 18th century. It is the only piece Michelangelo ever signed.
This famous work of art depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion. The theme is of Northern origin, popular by that time in France but not yet in Italy. Michelangelo's interpretation of the Pietà is unprecedented in Italian sculpture. It is an important work as it balances the Renaissance ideals of classical beauty with naturalism.


The structure is pyramidal, and the vertex coincides with Mary's head. The statue widens progressively down the drapery of Mary's dress, to the base, the rock of Golgotha. The figures are quite out of proportion, owing to the difficulty of depicting a fully-grown man cradled full-length in a woman's lap. Much of Mary's body is concealed by her monumental drapery, and the relationship of the figures appears quite natural. Michelangelo's interpretation of the Pietà was far different from those previously created by other artists, as he sculpted a young and beautiful Mary rather than an older woman around 50 years of age.[1]
The marks of the Crucifixion are limited to very small nail marks and an indication of the wound in Jesus' side.
Christ's face does not reveal signs of The Passion. Michelangelo did not want his version of The Pietà to represent death, but rather to show the "religious vision of abandonment and a serene face of the Son",[2] thus the representation of the communion between man and God by the sanctification through Christ.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It is our job to protect!

This quote is so true. That is just what I thought of about Amy ( who is now a Mom ) and each one of my kids as they came along. Most of her early years was when I first came out with my abuse and began to get counseling. It was some of the toughest years of my life...but so worth it because I knew I had children who needed to be protected. I also knew they needed to understand how to protect themselves, that is what gave me strength and courage when times got tough. Parenthood isn't easy, but oh soooo worth it!

Friday, March 13, 2015


I have never liked Goodbyes!
When the kids come home to visit from college, I cry so hard when they leave. I am very grateful for the time we had, but always miss them before they even get out of the driveway.
I cried at the airport when I left Brad, Krystal and Kai! I knew it would be awhile before we see each other again and I am sure Kai will grow quite a bit between that time, hard to miss that!

Today, I went and spent the day with Amy and the girls. As I was saying goodbye tonight Angie, asked me when we could see each other agai :) I realized that just like this quote says... I am very lucky to have many people in my life, that makes saying goodbye hard!
Yes, I am very blessed!
Good night dear friends, so glad I don't have to say Good Bye to you, just Good Night!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Think Pink!

Well, yesterday we got great news from our grandson and big brother Kai...he found out that his Mommy is having a baby...


Miss Oakley will be here in August...we just can't wait!

Let the PINK creating begin!

Jeff and talked the other night how grateful we feel to be Grandparents. Neither one of us realized that we could ever love someone as much as our own children...but every time we are with our grandchildren...we realize that we do love them like our own! What an incredible blessing and responsibility!

Grandparent's Day Prints in 3 Colors from Sweet Rose Studio #freebie #printable