Sunday, May 31, 2015

Have I done any good in the world today?

I'm back... I went to Amy and John's for the weekend while Jeff was out of town. I thought I would be able to write every night in my blog while I was there, but I stayed so busy with the girls ... that I just went right to bed at night pretty beat ( this grandparent stuff isn't for sissys you know :).

It is late tonight too, and we just got home and trying to unpack. So I have decided to tell you about my fun weekend ...tomorrow ...since there is so much to tell!
One thing that happened this weekend was with my son Bradley and his family in Texas. After all of flooding, Brad was able to go and be part of the volunteers who were helping out the victims and their homes. The devastation happened only 20 minutes from their home. Here were the photos he sent on FB and what he said about it...

"I had such a humbling experience volunteering to clean up and gut homes in Wimberely that were flooded. So devastating."

"Thanks to The Red Cross who provided today's lunch. I couldn't believe how many organizations and local restaurants donated meals and snacks for the volunteers. So neat to see all the help"

"Water made it about 4ft up the walls so we had to completely remove all the drywall and insulation to the ceiling."

After talking to him, it made me think of a song that I have heard all my life called... Have I done any good in the world today? Here is a music video of a couple of popular artists singing it. It is very touching and a very appropriate question for all of us to ask ourselves each day.

watch it HERE:
Good Night dear friends!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Expert Verses Beginner

The last few weeks I have decided to do something that I have always wanted to do (but was too afraid to try it). With the encouragement from Jeff, the kids and my friends...I have decided to do it! I won't share yet what it is... but every day I keep telling myself that this is the time of my life to try anything new that I want, and a time to truly enjoy every day. Why not take a chance? Well...that is exactly what I am going to do! Will share more soon!
Good Night dear friends!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today is Jeff's Birthday! I am very grateful that years ago... this boy from Michigan just happen to be visiting in West Virginia so... that this girl could meet him!

Here is a photo of us for our 1st Christmas card ( I was pregnant with Amy ...just barely.)

I am so excited that we have had this time together as Empty Nesters. We started our family early so we didn't have a lot of time together as Newly this time has been a real treat!
He has turned out to be an amazing Dad, and now an even better Grandfather ( Poppa )!

Here is some photos of Amy and Jeff when she was born, turning one, showing a T -shirt we made to say she was goin to be a Big Sister and then one when she was Three! She still looks the same but without those cute bangs! :)

He may be getting a bit older but...he has always been young at heart!

Hope you know how much we love you Jeff! 

And we hope you have the best year ever!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So True!

There has been a few things that I have been needing answers for lately. And I realized today that I just need to be STILL and wait for the answers.
I need to remember more often that God is in charge, and I don't have to fret as much about things.
It was a good lesson today!

Actually I got another lesson today, I finally got back to the store where I got my sewing machine last year...and took lessons on how to use all the bells and whistles that my machine has.
I was grateful for her help... I am excited to see what other things I could create with it!

And yet another lesson I learned happened today when I went to visit my neighbor who has  Alzhemier's. I remember visiting each of my Grandmothers in the Nursing Homes and the lesson that I learned was ... Time, even though everyone has the same amount of hours in a day, the time they have now... has begun to slow down, almost standing still.
I was just going in for a visit, just a few minutes...but then I realized that I was really in no rush I stayed and watched Little House On The Prarie with her. She seemed happy to see me, she seemed happy that I was there. It was a sweet hour and it made me remember again and precious time is, and I felt HAPPY!
Good Night dear friend!

Monday, May 25, 2015


What a fun weekend this was. The girls were here for a two day sleep over. We did lots of things like let them have their meals out in the play house.

They even put little birds in the window! :)
So fun to watch them pretend!
Ellie got a new jacket and headband for Memorial Day!
Miss Josie got a new outfit too! I knew I should have been making outfits a long time ago...just in case they ever got into dolls!  But we had fun picking out fabric from my stash and Angie was reading the pattern to me the whole time. She is learning!

I ask the girls to write down or draw about what they heard in church yesterday.
Jenny was trying to draw the people up front that were speaking, but it was too hard she she just drew a Monkey family in church speaking instead!  Love it!
Jeff spoke in church yesterday, so Angie drew him speaking. She even put creases in his jacket! Amazing!
Then we got up early this morning to go to the Memorial Day Breakfast and Ceremony, that we had at church. I am so glad the girls went with us and learned about all the sacrifice that the Service men and women have given and still give for our freedom.
As young as they are, they still seemed to be touched! 

Then a dear friend of mine and her litle boy came over to visit for a bit. I am teaching her how to crochet, and he played blocks with the girls! He is too cute!
After dinner, we celebrated Jeff and Amy's Birthday early...since we were all together. Jeff's birthday is Weds. and Amy's is just 3 days later. They have really celebrated many birthdays together and they really don't seem to mind! We put 9 candles and the candle number 1 on their cake. Because between them they have 91 years together! That was my idea :)
Like Father like Daughter... they both love to sing and enjoy music!
 Audrey helped them blow out the candles!
Presents time...Audrey helping out again! More craft supplies for Amy... she is alot like her Mother too I guess! Look at that happy face!

Here is what it looks like, when you picked out the right gift!
Audrey had to help Poppa too!

It was a fun weekend. Lots of creating and celebrating. I am grateful for both!
Good Night dear friends!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's the little things!

I love this quote...

Because I really believe it!  Like these beautiful flowers, given to me by a dear friend!

A package dropped off by the UPS truck, exciting!
 New knit fabric from Riley Blake...even more exciting!

Face Timing with my handsome boy!

Spending the whole day today with these cute girls! Jenny and Angie are staying for a 2 Day Sleep Over! Look at their hair, Red, Strawberry Blonde and Blonde!:)
Yes, it's truly about those wonderful, amazing Little Things!

Good Night dear friends!
A quote from Kipling "Delight in the little things".  By creating delight in the little things the whole experience can be more satisfying.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Yesterday I got to spend the day with Amy helping her get ready for a Baby Shower at her house. I brought some soup I made for us to have for lunch, look what Amy found in hers...a little LOVE!

Then we finished up some of the things for the decorations!
It was fun, Amy really is talented. She transformed that room.

I am telling you, these kids of mine are so creative. Fun to see them 
share their talents with so many. 

Then today I got to visit a couple of dear friends that I haven't seen in a while. I was grateful this week that I was able to share some time with such dear friends and family!
It definitely was a creative week!
it's not just about creativity, it is about the person you're becoming while you're creating

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sometimes all you can do is just... BREATH !

Today like I said, I got to spend the day creating with another one of my dear friends.  Here is the finished projects that we worked on and accomplished. Two new spool pillows for her Sewing Studio. Aren't they sweet? They look great on her new bench. We are still working on a small Spool Quilt for my Sewing Studio, but it should be finished soon.
Displaying Image-1.jpg
Then after we finished sewing, I went to visit my friend who is in a Nursing Facility/ Home Care. I haven't seen her in a while since I was so sick. She seemed though to be happy when I came in, her husband was with me, that is probably why she smiled so big. I was grateful to see her smile again. She is doing so much better than the last time I saw her, but I know that it changes every day.

Came home and put a new sign on the grill we are trying to give away. Jeff had put one on it and it had been out there for a few days with no takers, probably because he only said FREE on it, but it didn't say if it worked or not. So I tried to make a sign that would make anyone want it! Check it out! Jeff got a great deal on a new one at Christmas, that is why we are getting rid of it. But it works just fine, just get your own propane tank and you are good to go.

Displaying Image-1.jpg
When I finished that I was able to go over and see my neighbor and her sweet little baby. She is actually almost 2 months old and she is beautiful. Can't wait to see her more often, she is a cutie!

Next, I had a quick dinner and then headed off to a Lymphedema Support Group at Overlake. It was my first support class in a few years, I came home with mixed feelings. I met some great ladies ( Survivors ). It was about Nutrition, much of it, I have heard or read about throughout the years. Some of the things that they tell you now NOT to eat, was exactly what they told me to EAT a few years ago. Then there were a few things there that were new and informational.
 Many of the ladies there had their ARM sleeves and Legs Sleeves on for their lyphedema. As I listened to many of their stories I realized, we were all at different points in our lives. I remember being the same places that many of them are now. I liked the Therapist that was there, I liked the Nutritionist that was speaking, but I drove home and realized that I had learned some new things but yet there was an anxiousness that I felt, that I haven't felt in awhile. I kept thinking on the way home why I was feeling anxious. Then I realized it was because I could feel the fear that some of those ladies had, and the frustrations that they were having from still suffering from their surgeries and treatments. I think it just put me back abit in that place of not being sure of what works or doesn't work. A place of fear to some degree.
I think for some groups are good and healthy for them, but they never have seemed to serve me as well as I had hope. That's ok, they aren't for everyone, yet they are truly life saving for others. Just important for me to stay in a place that is healthy and strong. Every person is different and that is ok. This quote seem to be what my thoughts were tonight as I came home. Good people, great information, but I think it is best that I not go back.
I am NOT trying to stick my head in the sand, I continually try to stay on top of the latest news and information, plus I pray a lot!  I try to take care of my body and spirit every day as good as I can. That brings me hope, peace and faith. So I believe I had better continue on the path that I am on right now, if that changes and I feel like I need more or something different...then I will try again!
Good Night dear friends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A week of Creating!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow... I was and did and will create with a dear friend! What a great start to the week. The friend I created with yesterday, let me come to her house and see her sweet sewing room and she helped me make something for my little Granddaughter Oakley (who will be born in August). She is such an amazing seamstress, it was a real treat to see where she creates and look at all the stuff she has made in the past.
Today the friend I sewed with... came here to my house and we made a dress for her. She is someone that I met just a little over a year ago, and now has become an adopted daughter to us. What a treat to have her in my home, I love any time that we get together.
Then tomorrow I get to sew and create with my dearest of friend. We try to get together each week but sometimes that doesn't happen. How grateful I am to be among so many talented and amazing women in my life.
Oh yeah, and Thursday I am going to my daughter's house to create some more for a Baby Shower she is having! So I guess this is going to be quite the creative week.

1Color Large CREATIVITY Sew Sewing Crafts by SunshineGraphix, $24.99

I just want to sew.  It's been so long.  Can't wait to get in my sewing room again, and be creative, plus I'm going to be painting some of my furniture in there too.

So get sewing!