Monday, February 29, 2016

Angels are all around us!

What a touching piece of artwork!

This sculpture was called the 'Child That Was Never Born'. Sharing for all the mothers who have lost a child to miscarriage to let you know our angels walk beside us every day, so beautiful!

May we always remember that everyone is fighting a battle!
Good Night dear friend!

Family History

I love this quote..."Knowing who our family WAS reveals part of who we ARE!"

This photo is of my Aunt Ina, we lived in her home with her from the time I was born, till she passed away when I was 10 years old. I loved Aunt Ina like a Mother and she loved me just as much. Aunt Ina never had children of her own, and was married later in her life a man much older than her. After he passed away, she invited our family to move from our small apartment and live with her in her home
. She lived upstair,s and that is where I spent many, many wonderful hours and days with her. She was a fabulous cook, she shared her love of jewelry and hats with me... and always let me play and dress up with her. She taught me how important I was to her! That was probably the greatest gift she could have ever given me. I was LOVED! What a great gift to pass on to the next generation!
This photo below is a of my Grandma Johnny ( her last name was Johnson )
I had to laugh when I saw this photo of her, because it is quite out of her character. I don't remember her doing any snow mobiling, but the fact that she did at her age was inspiring to me. Grandma Johnny was the one who first taught me to crochet and sew! I spent countless hours in her home. Her home was a safe place for me. I loved my time with her! She loved cornbread and made the best around. She taught me how to cook, and told me that I could do anything that I set my mind to! Oh how eternally grateful I am for her in my life. She loved me and I felt it!

So how did these ladies effect my life? They taught me that I was important and loved. They told me it was ok to do what I loved...the arts!
So at the age of 12 I started selling my crafts in a craft shows.
 Here is a photo of me in 1974  ( age 15 )at a craft show. I was sharing a booth with a dear friend.  She was a painter,  and you can see her artwork behind me.
Then here I am 39 years later in Texas at a Quilt Show with my dear friend! Still loving the opportunity to do what I love and meet new people!
So as I look back at the photos of Aunt Ina and Grandma Johnny, I hope that they can see ( from Heaven ) where that Love and Encouragement they gave me all those years ago...has taken me. 
And how many lives it has effected. My marriage, my kids and my grandkids!

I love passing on to my kids and grandkids the love of CREATING!

Grateful that I have the time to be with them, that I get to tell them how loved they are! I love being able to hold them in my arms and tell them how proud their Aunt Ina and Grandma Johnny would be of them too! 

Yes, family roots are important!
Good Night dear friends!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A day with Audrey!

Today I got to spend the day with Miss Audrey! Gratefully it was beautiful outside and so we were able to go to the park too!
Of course she made a friend, I love how kids just natuarally gravitate to each judgements...just do you want to play?

 Let's play store!

Driving their imaginary car.

 She was climbing everything, hard to keep up with  her.

We really had a great time!

She loves to help me water my flowers and sometimes she tries to help me dead head them, but usually she picks the buds and says " that ones dead Nana", I have to just smile and say " well, it is now, why don't you just let Nana pick the dead flowers"

 Stopped at a friend's house who has the best toys ever! A ball pit in their living room. Audrey was in Heaven!

Trying on accessories at Target!

 But Nana, I need more bracelets! Had to remind her that we are just looking at all these neat things at Target!

We both needed a bandaide, so we got Frozen Bandaids ...she said it was the best! It sure made my owie feel better!
Plus, she got her hand stamped at the Post Office, just to prove we were there...I guess?
On the way back we got the car washed. Audrey had never been in a car wash before, think it scared her some!
When we got home, her Mom surprised her with an Elsa dress that she got at the Consignment shop. She loved it. Funny, because she was trying to get me to buy her one in Target.

She loves being a Princess! She wants to have a Frozen Party when she turns 3, in a couple of months!
It was a fun day, not very often do she and I get to go out together by ourselves. I should have taken photos of us together! Oh well..I will next time, when I get a day with Princess Audrey!

Saw this cute sign, not sure about super power... but I sure feel like a million bucks, when I get to spend time with any of my Grandkids!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

LynnMade Open House, come on in!

Yesterday was our Open House for my LynnMade Studio. It turned out to be a beautiful day and evening and I was so thankful for that, especially after all the rain we have had lately.

My sweet young friend Felicity came to help, she was the perfect Hostess!

Here is the logo that the kids worked on, hard to believe to see it in print!

Amy and Audrey came over to help. My dear friend Chris came too of course! She and Audrey made the Ginger Snap cookies together. 

They had a great time and of course, everyone loved them...and I especially loved how it made the house smell.

They had a great time and of course, everyone loved them...and I especially loved how it made the house smell.

Audrey and Aunt Chris baking together. Chris made the aprons for the girls!

It was so busy that I forgot to take photsos of all my dear friends that came by!

We had a great turnout, and I recieved some beautiful gifts and flowers as well wishes on my new adventure!  So grateful to have soooo many people who believe in me!!!

Here is the LynnMade Studio, finally finished! Thanks for everyone who helped me make this possible!

I feel blessed to have such a wonderful space to create our online classes in!

This cute gift, I had to convince Audrey that it was mine and not hers! :)

 I wanted to have the Open House in January but we ended up going to see our grandchilden! So I decided that if I could everything pulled together then we could have it in February, while I still had my Valentine stuff up...because I love all the Red and Pink!

After showing everyone my Studio then I took them down and showed them my Sewing Room, where all the mess and creativity really happens!
Thought I had better take a photo of it! It is rare to 
see it this clean! :)
I love this space too, can hardly wait to get down here every day and start creating!

I know everyone couldn't make it to the Open House, hope that you enjoyed your own private tour!
Thanks again for your support and encouragement.


 Good Night dear friends!