Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trying to spend every last minute with my kids!

We have been so busy that I really haven't stopped long enough to do my blogs. I will catch up more when I get home but for tonight...I would like to share a bit of what the Kai and Oakley and I have been doing!
Fun to see Kai playing with these Felt Monsters that I made years ago, this has gone through 3 grandkids and it is still going!
Kai and I made a new Horse/ Cowboy pillowcase for his Cowboy room! Now that he is sleeping in his own bed and his own room alnight, thought this would get a lot of use!

 Kai and I played restrauant for lunch today. See the cute towel on his arm as he served his Mom some delicious Chocolate dessert with heart strawberries ! He must have done pretty well because he even got a tip! :)
 He also made a bracelet for him and his Mom for Halloween. The orange beads are suppose to be the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.
I crocheted some headbands for Miss Oakley...think we picked a bad time to try them on her, she was suppose to be getting a burp out! But they fit!
Every day Kai would help me do my exercises by counting with me and then he will do the exercises himself! He is too cute!!!!
 We laid Oakley down on the play mat and she actually stopped and looked at them as she hit them! I couldn't believe she was watching them already! Oh I am afraid how much she will grow before I get back to see her and Kai!
It has been one week and I am already missing these kids! Oh how much I love my grandkids. I feel truly blessed!

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