Friday, August 28, 2015

A new best friend!

 I had to sew a few accessories for my trip, felt like I needed to sew something before dropping off my machines for maintance while I am gone. Gee I have as hard of time giving up my machines as I did dropping off my kids at school...not really I didn't cry with the kids! Ha Ha! Just kidding, but I am attached to my machines.
 So I made a change purse, card holder and tissue holder! It was a new pattern and I liked how it came out! Then I made these pink luggage tags, because the last time I tried to find my luggage at the airport, I pulled off quite a few BLACK pieces of luggage ...only to find out ( after breaking my back ) that it wasn't mine! Not any more!
Between flights I found a place to get Sushi! Here is what my fortune cookie said! That's right, I am really taking a chance at doing this new business. LynnMade is becoming a reality and I am soooo excited, mostly because my family will be a big part of it! We are ready to take the chance!

On the flight I gave my seat to a family so that they could sit together, I remember well traveling with all four kids from Seattle to West Virginia ... many times others gave up their seats to let us sit together. Seriously, wouldn't anyone rather have their kids with their Mothers?
I made a New Friend ( I got a photo with her but wasn't sure she wanted me to share it ), she was too cute and we hit if off right away. By the way we were laughing and carrying on, you would have thought we were Sisters! Her sweet son sat with us and was kind enough to endure both flights with us, show me how to use my new iphone and even help me get my luggage off the carrousel ( at least we knew which ones mine were)! We said goodbye after swapping cards and numbers, can't wait to meet up with her again when we get home. Did I mention she too was a Cancer Survivor? We had a lot in common! What a treat to make a new Best Friend, it made the trip go so much faster!

 I walked in the door late last night and guess who was still up waiting for her Nana? Well, she was actually waiting for her Mommy to feed her again but I was thrilled to have some Snuggle time with this SuperGirl as soon as I got there! She has grown so much since we last Face Timed with her! 
Then there is this sweet Grandson of mine. Mr Kai! He was so fun to hang out with today, we played, went shopping, set the table for dinner and read some books. He said the bed time prayers. What a sweet heart. How grateful I am to see that his Mommy and Daddy are teaching him about his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ at such a young age. It will bless his life forever. 
So he asked Aunt Amy and Aunt Lauren to be protected on their flights in tomorrow, asked for all of us to be safe and sleep well and then he told what he was grateful for...his Mommy, Daddy, Baby Oakley and his puppy Kevia.
 I love to hear kids say their prayers, they are straight from the heart! Then he went to bed with Super Man watching over him too! Can never have too many Super Heroes watching over you right? :)
I sure have missed these guys. I love being here. Love their new house and the celebrating the new chapter in their lives. I feel truly blessed. 
Good Night dear friends!

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