Friday, September 11, 2015

Ok, maybe my Mom wouldn't be proud of me!

Now that I think about how much my Mom loved cooking, maybe she might not be so proud of me most of the time. First of all, I cooked a whole lot when my kids were home but it seems like I struggle with it now that it is just Jeff and I to cook for. I have talked to other Empty Nesters and I realized I am not the only one.
When my Mom passed away, we all wondered who were we going to call to get this or that recipe? Who would we talk to if one of our children was struggling or just to ask questions about life? I have wished many times that there was a phone number for Heaven. Of course if there was, I probably would have the phone lines busy all the time, trying to ask all my Mom sooo many questions. :)
So I had to have gotten points over the weekend cooking her favorite Ginger Snap cookies with Jenny! Obviously I made points with Jenny and all who we shared the cookies with though!

 Then I found the other day my Recipe Book, I haven't seen it in years! I don't know where it was all these years. It was a gift for my graduation from my Sister in law and brother. I got so excited because I had in there many of my Mom's recipes. Then I realized that most of my Mom's recipes are ones that I wouldn't really make any more. But still it did my heart good to see her recipes again!
Tonight I realized that my Mom probably wouldn't be very proud of me tonight. Jeff and I were just about to have dinner was Eggplant Sandwiches ( no it wasn't a recipe from my Mom :) Anyway, Jeff and I were opening up the home made Pesto on our sandwiches, when we realized that the pesto had mold on the top of it. We both just looked at it and realized it was just too late to try and make new Pesto and we didn't have anything else ready to eat. 
So Jeff just scrapped off the top and the mold, we then took some of these...

Acidophilus...(it's what you take if you get food poisoning)! Then we at our Eggplant Sandwiches!
 I am not thinking my Mom would have been very proud of me tonight! :)
Oh well, luckily I do have other talents!

Good Night dear friends!

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