Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 Day Breast Cancer Walk!

14 years ago when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the 1st time, my family participated in the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Race. Jeff and I decided that we should do that for a couple of reasons, One... because it was a Cause that we now dealing with, and we wanted to be a part of helping to find a cure. Second... because our kids were still young, and we wanted to show them how many other families were dealing with this disease. We wanted them to feel the power of so many people getting together and DOING something, not burying their heads and hoping it would go away. It was a great experience.
Today as I was going to do some errands, I saw all these PINK shirts and outfits on people as they were walking. I realized it was the Susan Komen 3 Day Cancer Walk ( how I wished I could have gone home and put something PINK on!
 I honked and waved at each one with tears in my eyes. How grateful I was to them for making a difference, for trying to help and honor all of us that have battled Breast Cancer. Silently I said a prayer of thanks for each of them!
Then when I was out I got a call from a friend of mine that I met on my way to Austin. She and I sat beside of each other on the airplane ride and almost before it took off...were Best Friends. We found out that we both were survivors of Cancer and many other trials in life. What an honor it was to sit and get to know her and her son on that long flight to Austin. Sure made the time fly by faster!
Anyway, she was at the Race as one of the Cheering Sections, and wondered if we could get together. I immediately went to see her ( only 10 mins away from where I was at the time)! What a wonderful and unexpected treat! It totally made my day!

I was grateful to stop what I was doing... to cheer on these amazing people, and to say Thanks personally to them.
 It was neat and then to spend some time with my NEW DEAR FRIEND, was icing on the cake!
I am truly blessed!

Good Night dear friends!

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