Sunday, September 27, 2015

What a day!

After another tough night, the morning came and we had another wonderful Owl Baby Shower! There is just something about celebrating these little ones, that is the best feeling in the world. Every little baby should have someone that is exited for happy about their upcoming birth!
Look at this cute diaper cake that my friend made and she made sweet lanterns too!

Then our other friend made these too cute little birds in their nests! What talented ladies!
Then Amy and Angie came over for dinner, after that we went to the a World Wide Women's Conference at church. It was wonderful, here are some of my notes ...
"The 2 most important days of a women's life are the day she was born and the day she realizes why!" 
We are daughters of God. What will you do each day to live as a child of God?
Because you are His child, He knows you and who you will become. 
Phillipines 4:13
The trials and problems in life, have things to teach us. We need to trust in Him. And pray to Him for strength an understanding.
Remember the Holy Ghost will help you hear the message that is right for you. 
There is enough that doesn't go right in life that's sad, meloncholy, so we should focus on the bright, happy things in life and be cheerful. 
Faith leads to Hope. 
You need to realize you have a choice each day to be said and discouraged or to have faith and be hopeful.
Open your eyes to the happiness in each day.
Remember Eternity is made up of NOWS!
Everything leads to LOVE!
When we serve others wer are happy and feel the Pure love of Christ. 
Let Faith fortify our every day choices!

 Then we decided to go to Michaels for a bit! ( isn't there always something you need at Michaels?) :)
I was trying to tell our friend that I don't smile until you count to 3 .... you can tell by the top photo, she didn't count to 3! :)

Fun to have Angie come with us, the night would have been totally complete if my daughter Lauren and daughter in law Krystal was with us. At least we know they got to watch Women's Conference in Idaho and Texas at the same time...that was sorta like we were together.
Anyway it was a wonderful day and it was a blessing!
Good Night dear friends!

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