Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our story!

Yesterday I got back home from Texas. How fun it was to meet my sweet new granddaughter Miss Oakley! She is just too cute!
It was fun to see Brad and Krystal's new house, it is a beautiful cottage!
Also fun to see Kai with his new baby sister, he really loves her!
I just wanted to hold her every minute that I could!

Also Kai and I had a lot of fun playing in 
the sand and creating castles in the house with the air conditioner on...that is the only way to play in the sand in Texas :)
We also had a wonderful time working on our LynnMade website together. it was fun to see all the kids working together with their talents on the same project. One would say something then the other one would put their two cents in ...and then they would compromise ;). Each one had so many different things to bring to the table. How I wish that Lee could have been there too. He always acts like he doesn't have any art talents but he has it in him too!

So I will try to stay focusd and keep working on my Christmas project, all the while knowing that  a  big part of my heart is in Texas...
...with these two!

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