Wednesday, September 16, 2015

God is in the DETAILS of our life!

Our son Bradley served a mission for our church in the Phillipines after he graduated from High School. He was our first to serve a mission, and sending him clear across the world was some times worriesome for his Mom :) 

I remember well when we would miss a weekly email from him ( it didn't happen often but when it did, it was hard. We waited all week to get his emails and hear about his life. Those letters was something that were priceless to me, they showed me how much he loved the Lord.  And it showed me how selfless he was becoming as he served and loved the people in the Phillipines. 

 So when I read this article HERE:

by Jason F. Wright about his daughter on her mission and how the he believes the Lord is in the details of our life... I totally agree with that. Many times He has answered my small and maybe even silly prayers, but it just reminds me that I matter, my life matters and my family matters to Him! And that is a really blessing in my life! Hope  you enjoy the article.Good Night dear friends!

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