Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Am I strong enough?

Last night was one of my worst nights of no sleeping, because of my hot flashes and cold chills. I have been taking herbs to help me out. It worked for awhile and then as my hormones continue to drop off... I find myself back in the same place of no sleep, because of the hot flashes and cold chills.
As I was looking up more remindies for menopause I found these funny sayings, Jeff is still laughing after we read them....why am I not laughing???
Here some of them are in case you need a good laugh tonight.

  1. HOT FLASHES: Has there been a sharp increase in your electric bill along with a decrease in the temperature of your home? Is everyone in your family wearing sweaters at the dinner table while you’re fanning yourself and using a rag to wipe your sweaty brow? Then you might be menopausal.
  2. WEIGHT GAIN: Have you broken into your savings account for a new wardrobe that includes stretch fabric pants and knee-length muumuus that are wildly popular at Walmart? When you squeeze into a bathing suit, do strangers try to rub your Buddha belly for good luck? If you feel like an over-inflated balloon ready to burst, you might be menopausal.
  3. MOOD SWINGS:  If you feel like Mother Theresa one minute and Attila the Hun the next, you might be menopausal.
  4. NIGHT SWEATS: Do you wake in the middle of the night in a warm, sticky puddle that was once your bed? If solar flares spark your sleep and leave you melting into the bed sheets, you might be menopausal.
  5. HAIR LOSS: Have you lost enough hair to open a wig shop? If you suddenly find hairless cats and shaved chihuahuas adorable, you might be menopausal.
  6. MEMORY LOSS: Have you wallpapered your house in Post-it Notes to remind yourself to turn off the stove and flush the toilet?
  7. INDIGESTION: Do you feel as though someone lit Roman candles in your throat or cannons in your stomach after dinner at the local Mexican restaurant? If you have the urge to yell, “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”….you might be menopausal.
  8. FREQUENT URINATION: Have you recently bought an adult diaper bag masked as a purse to hide your supply of Poise Pads? If your road trips are mapped out according to how many pit stops there are between your driveway and your vacation destination, you might be menopausal.
  9. ANXIETY: Do you grind your teeth like an agitated badger in your sleep? If your fingernails look like they’ve been dipped in a piranha pool, you might be menopausal.
  10. INSOMNIA: Do you like to play mind games in the middle of the night like Name That Tune or Workplace Trivial Pursuit? Do you find the inner workings of a glowing, digital clock fascinating at 2:00 a.m.?.
Guess I should print out this quote and put it on my forehead!!!! :)
Good Night dear friends, well at least I hope it is! :)

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