Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's a Sisters Thing!

I have heard all kinds of stories about how wonderful and strong the bond is among Sisters! Having 4 brothers, I could only imagine what that would have been like.  I think I have come as close as I can to knowing,.. from the relationship I have with my sister-in-law Shirley; and also from the sweet relationships I have with my dear dear friends.  I can't imagine I could love them any more if they were my sisters. Then there are my close, close friends who I call my daughters and daughter in law! So I can't complain really for not having any sisters...because I think the truth is... I do have many many sisters that the Lord has blessed me with.
Yesterday I was visiting a friend of mine in the Nursing Home, while I was there 3 sisters came in and introduced themselves to me. They said that their 92 year old Mother was being transferred to this Nursing Home in a couple of hours, and that she was going to be my friend's new roommate. They were very sweet and very kind to me and to my friend. They were sorry that it was a bit loud and busy but they wanted everything to be in place before their Mother arrived. I was so impressed with their love, respect and concern for their Mom. They wanted every picture up, every thing that meant something to her, to be in plain sight so that she would feel comfortable and at home as much as possible.
I was very impressed with how kind and considerate they were with each other. You could tell they were stressed with having to have all of her things unpacked and in place before she got there. Even under these stressful conditions, I never heard a complaint or argument with one another, they all were there to make sure that their Mom felt safe and loved! It was a great insight to me of what type of Mother they must have, to honor her in this way.
Today my granddaugthers were off of school and they came and spent the day with Nana! ( me ). I have to say as I watch them play, fight, and then play some more together, it did my heart good to know that they will always have each other to count on. They will always be Sisters...that is a pretty special thing!

This was the picture of them at their Aunt Lauren's wedding reception, just one year ago! Wow, how time flies!
Here they are last week when Jenny got to go on the bus with Angie for the first time. Audrey was there hoping that they might let her on the bus too!

"Sisters, they always have your back!"

" I had that greatest friends when I was a kid, and I got to keep them for my whole life!"

Good Night dear friends!

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