Wednesday, September 23, 2015

27 years ago today!

Twenty Seven years ago... a 2 year old Brad and a 5 year old Amy and I flew from Huntington, West Virginia... to Seatlle, Washington to meet Jeff. He had moved to Seattle just 2 months earlier. We waited until he found a job before we moved here with him. I remember it was the longest 2 months of our marriage. So grateful that we decided to come here. It truly was one of the best decisons of our lives! We love Seattle and have never looked back. Living here has changed our lives forever!

I think that because we moved here and raised our children here...that all our lives have been changed for the better!
Lee and Lauren were born here... so they are Seattlites!
We love Seattle and have been grateful for that for the last 27 years!

Good Night dear friends!

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