Monday, April 15, 2013

What a tragedy!

Today the boys went to Ocean Shores to visit while we had more specialist's appointments for Lee. Hate to have him spend his days home for only a week...visiting Doctors but... since his attacks are still happening we had to get him in while he was here. Still no answers or ideas from this specialist either...he had no idea. He suggested a couple of things but it truly was just a guess! We have more appointments tomorrow so hopefully we would find some has been 3 years and still we have no answers for my boy! It makes my heart ache. 
While we were in the waiting room, Lauren texted us and told us that there were bombings in Boston, right near the building where our son Bradley works. I didn't panic because when we talked to him yesterday, he said that all the businesses were closing down because of the the Boston Marathon today. Still we couldn't get ahold of them and worried for a bit. Finally we got a call from Brad and he said that he and Krystal had really contemplated going to just experience a part of the Boston history. But they worried that it would be a bit too much to bring Kai to, so they decided to go to a Zoo in Cape Cod. How grateful we are that they decided not to go, because where they would have been would be right at Brad's work and that would have been right across the street from where the bombing was.
Now our thoughts and prayers are all going out to all the people who were effected by this tragedy. I don't think it was an accident that just happened on the World's Oldest Annual Marathon and on Patriot's Day! They knew the world would be watching. It truly is a tragedy. Please everyone, keep them in your prayers. 
Good night dear friends!
 Look for the helpers.

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