Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Always be nicer than you feel!

Today was a BIGGER THAN ME DAY TODAY!  I started out getting a few things done before I headed off to Physical Therapy. It felt so good to get adjusted and things on my back and neck lined up. I missed one day last week, and so it was a pretty painful weekend.  I was grateful to be there today.
 After that appointment, I had to go to a appointment for the Insurance company. I forgot what the appointment was called... but basically you have to see two Doctors that my Insurance Company picks out and they have to exam me and see if I am being honest on my PIP Claims that I have had from my car accidents. I realize that there are many people who try to cheat the system but... I am not one of them! Of course they have no way of knowing that.  But I tried to go in with an open mind. Both Doctors were nice, there wasn't any connection making at all. Just sorta ... " just answer the question" type things. Frustrated me that they didn't look over the notes from the people who are treating me since the accidents.
The last part was physical exams, some things I just couldn't do but when it came time for the Chiropractor to check me, then he was much rougher than I expected and especially with my neck. I mentioned at one point that I should have gotten my adjustment after this appointment. The Chiropractor just said " Oh, we aren't going to do anything that would cause you any problems"
 How wrong he was, because he messed with my neck so much ... I was hurting and light headed when I got out of there. I know to many people that I look strong and that you would never know I had back or neck issues, but you would have thought that they after having read the Doctor's notes that they would have been a bit easier on me. How I wish things like this didn't hurt my neck and back but... they do and they did!
When I came home, I got ice on my neck, took some Advil and headed to bed for an hour....Jeff's ORDER...to do that. I was discouraged that I had just been adjusted and then felt like everything was undone after the 2nd appointment. I was frustrated that I am not as tough as most people, but I am not...or at least not right now. As Jeff and I was talking, I realized that almost everything I said was negative in some way, Jeff recognized that I was really hurting,, and that is when he sent me to bed. I am so glad he did...that helped a lot. Still sore tonight, and so I think I will do the same ICE and heat on it.
So the old saying " Always be nicer than you feel " directly applied to me today.
Sorta wished I would have seen this sign (BELOW) this morning, and I could have just gone right back to bed!  But there is always something to be grateful for and so I am grateful for the chance to have a great PT and a Massage Therapist who truly help me overcome my pain. I am grateful to have insurance ( even though it can be a pain at times ), I know there are many out there who don't have it or can't afford it...so I am grateful for that...not for the crazy system that comes with it, but for the chance to have it. Grateful that I have a wonderful family who supports me on my BIGGER THAN ME DAYS. So there is a lot to be grateful for. But it is time to go to bed. Yes, I hope tomorrow is a  better day! Good night dear friends!
Today has been canceled. It would be nice to have one day just to relax and do nothing lol

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