Saturday, April 20, 2013

Safe and Sound!

So grateful that our little grandson Kai, and his family are safe and sound...after a the terrible tragedy that hit Boston this week. It has been a long week, many prayers in everyone's behalf...lots of phone calls and skype to make sure everyone is doing ok. Still many lifes have been changed for ever and they need our prayers continually!
I am grateful that Kai is too little to understand or remember any of this! Look at that sweet face!

Lee and his roommates got to Idaho safe and sound. They left at 5:00 this morning after I fixed them a BIG breakfast! Can't stand the thoughts of them going hungry! :) Always grateful when they get home safe and  sound.
Lauren leaves us in the morning early...will be hard to tell her good bye. I am telling you ...this Motherhood thing... is much harder on your heart than it looks.
Amy had some pains last night but nothing today...seems like Audrey isn't ready to come yet!
We have been looking at old photos of the did they grow up so fast? Love these guys!
Lauren spent the evening with her Dad tonight, I am so grateful that Jeff is such an incredible Dad to these kids. They are blessed to have him.
They will be home soon, need to go and spend the last few hours with her! Good night dear friends!


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