Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Everyone is fighting their own battles!

I am reading a book called HOWEVER LONG & HARD THE ROAD by Jeffrey R. Holland, it has been an amazing book so far. Last night I was reading in a chapter about how we all have limitations in our lives but it is how we choose to deal with them, that makes us happy or not. He then goes on to explains about a visit that he and his wife had at a prison. He mentions many things but here are just a few that made me stop and think!
One man who had gotten out of prison and came back to visit said this to the group of men he was speaking to. "Guys, the perspective in prison is really bad. Things really look better on the outside. Try to remember that." Then he turned to the outsiders, to the friends and families who had come in, and said, " You people are a light in a dark place. It it were not for love like yours, we would not be able to get from where we are to where we need to be."
At the end of the meeting  ( which was a graduation ceremony from a year long Bible Study Course ) an inmate who had been conducting the service concluded with some emotion in his voice and tears in his eyes. " This is the most auspicious occasion of our year, " he said of this graduation service. "It is better than Christmas. It's better than Thanksgiving. It's even better than Mother's Day. It's better because we're enlightened, and that's as close as we come to being free."

What a great reminder to all of us to remember that we can choose to be enlightened or not. We can choose to learn and understand or remain in ignorance. But knowledge is POWER, and that is exactly what this book kept reminding you of. This section made me thankful for my ability to keep trying, to not limit myself, to never give up and to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles each day. I think we would all treat others a bit kinder IF we could remember this!
Good night dear friends!
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