Saturday, April 13, 2013

A piece of my history!

When I was a little girl, I can remember staying the night at my Grandma Johnny's house. I used to love crawling up in her big bed and listen to her tell me stories of her past or of her kids when they were little. Her home was a safe place for me as a child and to this day, how grateful I am of that. Just knowing when I was in her home that I would be safe and protected made me have nothing but really FOND memories of her home.  She had a beautiful home, 3 stories and I always hoped that some day my home could look and feel like hers.She had glass doorknobs on many of the doors, I still wish I had those. I loved how she would tell me stories about the furniture and then she would laugh and say " if only this table could talk, all the stories it would tell".
She got sick after I graduated from High School and then she came to live with us for awhile. I still remember being her full time nurse while she was at our house. By the time I left home to serve a mission for my church, she had to go into a nursing home, my Mom could no longer care for her by herself. It was a sad day when they had to tell her that she would ....never go back to her home again! She didn't get to pack things up that she wanted or that meant a lot to her. She just left and never came back.
 When Jeff and I got married, she told me that before they sold the house, that she wanted to give Jeff and I anything out of her home that we needed ( that would be her wedding gift to us ). We got her 4 poster bed, this beautiful chest of drawers ( below) and a few other pieces of furniture, that still are a very important part of our home now. I always tried to get my home to look,smell and feel like hers. I wanted people to feel safe in my home and a place they can be happy and have fun.
Recently we gave Amy and John Grandma Johnny's chest of drawers, because they needed on for their bedroom. It did my heart good when I saw it again, after John painted it. He did an amazing job, and I know my Grandmother, Amy's Great Grandmother would be very proud that it is now in her home and something she is using!
Then the next photo is of an old Singer Sewing Cabinet that you could open and pull out a table to sew on. I thought it would be a great little piece of furniture for our soon to be Granddaughter's room, I had no idea how beautiful it would be though after John worked his magic on it! So sweet!
I think making your house a home is a lot of hard work and something that you have to constantly work on. So grateful that both of my married kids, love things from my past,  and also love making their house a HOME that is safe and full of wonderful memories!
Good night dear friends!

"May this Home be blessed with the Laughter of children, the Warmth of a close family, Hope for the future, and fond Memories of the past"

"We inherit from our ancestors gift so often taken for granted...Each of us contains within...this inheritance of the soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promise."

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Jean(ie) said...

Those are fabulous updates! They did an awesome job on those.