Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting ready for Good byes and Hellos!

Today we spent most of the day glued to the computer to watch the news that was happening in Boston, only miles from Brad and Krystal's home. We called and checked on them too.They were under lock down, but still it was too close for us. The rest of the time we spent the day getting the boys ready to head back to Idaho tomorrow morning ( opps... I mean today ) and Amy came over with the girls, so that she could get ready for her Doctor appointment. Things are looking better, Audrey seems to be getting lower and is in position. We all celebrated together dinner and a surprise Birthday Cake from Baskin Robbins for Lee ( his old employment ), he will turn 20 in 3 days. But since this was our last time being together before he leaves...we celebrated tonight.
I am teary eyed all ready, really have had a wonderful visit with Lee and his 3 roommates and Lauren too. So tonight after the party, John took the girls home and put them to bed and Amy, Lauren and I went to Fred Myers to get some last minute shopping and to try and walk Amy so much that she would get ready for Miss Audrey to arrive soon. We actually closed down Fred Myers but I was on the floor squating ... not Amy.:)
 I was trying to get off my feet, so I would sit down, lean or squat. Good thing I didn't have a big belly or they would have thought I was the one having the baby. No, I was just hurting after all that walking, even Lauren was extra tired but.... Amy just kept going! :) But by the end of the trip and on the way home, she was starting to feel something sooo.... we had better go to bed in case we get a phone call tonight!
We can hardly wait to say hello and meet Miss Audrey, and I am sad to think that the kids will head home this weekend, why are good byes so hard on a Mom?
Lots of excitement and emotions going on around here you could say!
Good night dear friends!
 baby quote !If you're brave enough to say "Good Bye", life will reward you with a new "hello". #Quote Paulo Coelho

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