Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ready to go to Grandma's House!

I am just going to have to write a few Happy Thoughts tonight, because I am working on a new line of fabric that we just got in. It is called Little Red Riding Hood by Tasha Noel. It is just too cute. She is a local artist here in Seattle! I will give you a sneak peak of what I have been working on all day, plus the pillow I made earlier out of this line of fabric.

Pretty cute isn't it? Doesn't it just make you want to go to Grandma's house? I still have to get ready for my class tomorrow so...here are my happy thoughts as I promised!

"Start your day with at least one Happy Thought and  you can change the direction of your whole day!" ~Katrina Mayer  

"Don't let a bad day, make you feel like you have a bad life!"

The happiness of your life...depends on the quality of your thoughts!"

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