Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Lee!

Twenty years ago, Jeff and I headed off early to the hospital for my C-section and arrival of our last baby...Lee Austin. We had talked about him so much, that is seemed like everyone was excited to meet him. A lot like we felt with all the other kids and our grandchildren.... and no Miss Audrey has not made her grand entrance into the world yet. I will tell you when she does.
I think the thing that struck me most about Lee is how he just seemed to complete our family, he was our fourth child and everyone couldn't get enough of Baby Wee ( as his sister Lauren used to call him).

He was the most shy of all of our kids and he was just happy to let his big Sister Lauren ( only 2 years older ) take center stage and he just followed her lead ( which was dangerous sometimes :) She loved him from the start and couldn't wait till he would grow up enough, to pretend with her. Most of the poor boy's life, he had something tied around his neck and Lauren telling him to bark like a dog! :) The fact that he survived those younger days with Lauren is a miracle in and of its self! :) But still they were always buddies and best friends!

But as you can see here that Best Friends thing ....never changed between them, and WE ALL feel the same about Austin Tashis! ( It's was a family nick name )

So even though he was our last, we have loved having him in our family! He has a heart of gold and is one of the most compassionate guys around. I feel blessed to be his MOM and so grateful that he is happy and enjoying school and his wonderful roommates. He has had his challenges but continues on and that will take him far in life! Yes, Lee Austin...we are so glad that you arrived 20 years ago today... our lives have been blessed ever since! Happy Birthday son!
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Jean(ie) said...

He's a cutie. Happy birthday to your baby boy!!!!