Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life's lessons!

Now you would think at my age, that I would have figured out most things by now...but not true. Just recently I spent time with a person who makes fun of me a lot, and criticizes me a lot. Many times they are in a joking way, but I realized this week that when I am with this person ...that I always feel bad or catch myself apologizing for things; things that I shouldn't apologize for. Now I understand that we don't have to be friends with everyone. Still it hurts when you are trying so hard to be friends and spend the time with them, and you realize it is not good for you. It isn't healthy to let someone treat you that way... and it isn't a true friend IF they do. These are all the things I have taught my kids for years. Tonight I finally realized that I need to remember these quotes and apply them to my life! I think this is called WISDOM... but sometimes it hurts!
Good night dear friends!
quotes about people who try to control you - Google SearchThe sadest truth about this quote is that some of the people who drain you are family...you never got the choice to pick them.quote about people

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