Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Because I have am a Weight Watchers Member, I get to have online support and help. I am not computer savy like most but still love it when they give you recipes, tips and other strategy's to help you lose weight and be healthy! They even had one for Earth Day! Thank goodness the sun came out today, it is just beautiful outside so I think I will go try a few of these ideas! 
Good night dear friends!

Get Out for Earth Day

Celebrate the earth with your own personalized sun salutation. These fun activities make the most of the great outdoors.
Get Out for Earth Day
April is a month of environmental celebrations. Earth Day is on the 22nd, and Arbor Day is celebrated on the 26th. So instead of just exercising outside, why not make the great outdoors part of your fitness routine?

"Environmental fitness is an exercise trend that's only going to get bigger," says Suzanne Nottingham, a spokesperson for the American Council for Exercise. The results feel as good as fresh air. Plus, you still get all the benefits of being outside.

"There's nothing like getting outside of concrete walls for stress reduction," says Nottingham. "You're not in a controlled, sterile environment, and outdoor workouts combine everything: cardio, strength-training, balance, and flexibility. Plus, 'outside' has no set hours, and no fee. You pick your own time and go."

Ready to make your workout green? Here are some easy ways to do it:

Head for the hills
See a hill when you're walking or running? Go for it. "Bumping up your workout routine improves your overall fitness level, and you'll see more results," says Nottingham.

Use rocks for weights
Do sets of bicep curls, shoulder presses, even back strengthening exercises. "Keep challenging yourself," warns Nottingham, "when exercise feels too comfortable, it's time to use bigger rocks."

Find environmental equipment
Use a park bench or a low tree branch for triceps dips. Or make a curb your substitute gym step with sets of step-ups.

Be a tree hugger
Arbor Day is all about trees, so to celebrate, why not head to the park and find a few trees in a row? Then weave your way between them by walking, jogging or running, just like you would in an obstacle course. "A great exercise in agility, balance, and coordination," says Nottingham.

Give the car the day off
Consider walking to work. If your commute is too long, you might try biking, in-line skating, or jogging. Whatever method you choose, you can't go wrong. They're all great cardio workouts, and help reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, mobility, and, of course, burn calories.

Go green and clean
Looking for ways to take care of the environment and get active? Go to your local park and pick up litter. Incorporate a squat each time you bend down to pick up a piece of trash. At home, lunge your way back and forth from your recycling cans.
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