Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I wish.....

Remember when we were little and we blow on these flowers and made a wish?  I wish... that today was my last treatment,  I wish...that we were 20 years in the future where there would be better alternatives available for Cancer survivors,  I wish...that I could still drive and felt good enough to do so,  I wish... I could live long enough to make some significant changes in the way women are educated and treated about cancer, and last I wish...that I could properly thank all of you that have been there with me every step of the way.

Today was my 24th radiation treatment, Amy and Angie took me today. It was nice to see how the people in the waiting room lit up when Angie came in. One lady said, "she sure is a breath of fresh air", kids...have a way of doing that best. After my treatment I had to meet with the Doctor and the nurses, you do that every Monday so that they can check your skin and see how you are doing? After he saw mine and asked me how I felt? He then asked me what I was putting on my skin? He mentioned the expensive cream, I said no, and that I really think someone should have told me before hand that it was not covered my insurance. I wasn't trying to be mean but honestly I didn't have the energy to go and get that prescription anyway, much less find out after all that, that it wasn't covered by insurance. I did mention what cream I was putting on it and he said that some other  ladies had told him that. I asked why no one knew more about it?  He mentioned that they probably should have and it was then, that I reached into my purse and pulled out the paper that I had typed up with all the information about the company and how they could contact them. I am not sure what they thought about it all but gee, it does seem that the one hand doesn't know what the other is doing sometimes and that is frustrating. Anyway, before I left he gave me a prescription (that is covered by insurance) it is a antibiotic since the burn is getting bad. They don't want that to get infected...neither do I !

My new friend that I made last week, had her last appointment today. She is a neat lady and I only wished that we would have met sooner, she had a great spirit about her. I did give her a card with my email so maybe we will keep in touch. Later after I came home today a dear friend came by to visit and bring lunch. What a treat, especially since I am going to be home bound for a while. I didn't get my nap in till late, so we had a very late dinner and then Family Night. We played a new game... Apples to Apples, it was really fun and great for all of us to laugh so much together. We really needed that!

Need to head to bed, I knew that I wouldn't be sleepy after napping that late. Thanks for your continued friendship! Good night dear friends!



"Each of us will experience over our lifetime physical pain, emotional anguish, heartache, grief, even betrayal in one form or another. If we attempt to deny the problem or to cover it with a facade of forced sweetness and light, we imperil both ourselves and each other ~ ourselves because we deny the healing that can result from the love, strength, and insights of true friends ~ and each other because people then assume we are our facade and feel even more isolated with their problems." _____Mary Stovall


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