Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two steps forward...one step back!

Yesterday I wasn't feeling quite as good as I did over the weekend but Amy and Angie were here, so I just stayed down low and hung out with them. I did that small walk last night and that felt good but I actually didn't sleep as well last night. It seems like my arm and surgery area are more sore again. I got up late this morning but mostly because I couldn't get comfortable at all. I got things done today for the wedding, like calls and things like that but not much more than that. (Oh, I did do some laundry) But generally I feel like I am losing some of that energy that I have had since last Weds. and that concerns me a bit. Tonight after taking another LATE shower, I looked at my surgery area and tried to see if anything looked different. Well, all around that area is broken out but I still think that is from the allergic reaction to the tape that she had my gauze on with. But there looked like 2 areas that were a bit puffy and more sore than usual. Now, I hope I am not imaging things, but she said that some times it is normal ( I really hate that word )for the area to drain more, after you have the drain removed and she called it a certain name________? Can't remember what it is but she said don't worry that is why I want to check it again in a week (which will be this coming Thursday) to see if that is a problem. IF so she will drain it with a needle. Shoot, I am still hurting from her taking out that drain, I really hope I don't have to deal with any more needles in that area. My neck is killing me and I know that is because when my arm and chest hurt, I think I tighten my neck to handle the pain, oh brother I am a mess. So tonight we decided for me not to put the ace wrap back on and to put some essential oils on the arm and arm pit area that are suppose to help with the pain. I hope it works!

This whole thing has been such a roller coaster! I really feel like I am making a few steps forward and then today I felt like I went backwards again. I just want to feel good again and I AM so grateful that for the last week, I had more good days than bad. I guess that is a start.

So tonight I am going to head to bed early and see if I can get this whole area calmed down. Amy gave me a quote the other day that is perfect for my blog, the season and my situation.


So I want to make sure that you receive this present from me of gratitude for your faith and prayers in me, it really helps!

Good night!


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