Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My mother

The last time that I was in a Hallmark store I saw these little elf's that you sit on your shelf or mantle. They aren't really cute at all, but I smiled when I read the story about them. They are a remake of the ones my mom had years ago .They sat proudly  on our mantle every Christmas. They were ugly then and they still are... in my opinion but, it is the memory of it that made me want to buy one. I didn't though, but I did think of them the last couple of days when the kids were pulling out all the Christmas decorations. It was 8 years ago today that my mother passed away, she was only 70 years old. I still miss her terribly but realize that each year it gets a bit easier. No one should have to go throughout their life without a mom. I wonder now if she watches over us and would be proud of me and my family?  You see I think this quote is true...

Florida Scott-Maxwell:

No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement.

I think many times in my decisions, what would my mom have done or what would she expect me to do? Lately I can really relate to my mom, she has a lot of physical pain in her life, she was a trooper to say the least.  I know she would have loved to see my kids now and how they have grown and developed. I look forward to seeing her again some day but for now,all I can do is take all the good qualities and wonderful things she taught me and be a better person myself and try to teach them to the next generation.

Jane Welsh Carlyle:

Time is the only comforter for the loss of a mother.

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Julie N. said...

Did I ever tell you that for years I thought the phrase "the only thing constant is change" was something my mom came up with! Then a few years ago we were at the Mt.St.Helens Visitor Center and the phrase is on the wall --- HUGE letters and it is from Plato (or Socrates)... but in my heart it is from my mom and always will be :-)
love you, Julie