Thursday, December 11, 2008


Now I am continuing to notice a slight downward pattern in my soreness and energy. My face hasn't been out of the bag since Sunday, and that is unusual. My mom always taught me that ..."YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK AS BAD AS YOU FEEL". But honestly now that I think about that, I am not so sure that I agree. Sometimes being honest about how you feel or hurt is ok, not that you should go around doing it all the time or all day but ...this is the real deal, the real experience. The reason for me documenting this whole cancer experience is hopefully so that my family, my friends and other women will be able to read and get information, inspiration and the truth from it! It also has been healing for me to do this and has given me something to look forward to each day and some days, that is ALL that I did.

My cancer doctor suggested that I get a combination of 3 essential oils to mix together and rub on the whole surgery area and arm to help take away some of the deep bruising and stinging feeling. I did it last night and it did seem to help...yeah! I should be rubbing that mixture all over my body, or just be drinking it!  :)

I really don't like waking up and feeling tired again, I was hoping that my energy and strength were here to stay. I found this quote today, it fits perfectly.  "BALANCING LIFE IS LIKE STANDING ON A BALANCE BEAM.  YOU MUST KEEP ADJUSTING YOUR BODY TO FIND THE CENTER AND THEN READJUST TO FIND IT AGAIN AND AGAIN."    ____________Lisa Hammond

So today I will go to my Dr.appointment (my surgeon)with determination that this should be the last time I see her. (not because I don't like her, but because that means I am progressing and moving on) I am planning on her telling me that I am now ready for my Physical Therapy and Massage, plus soon I can get fitted for my new part of me! I also started a new iron supplement yesterday that should help with my energy level, so today will be better.

I did do some quilting last night and even though it was tough to do it with my arm, I was thrilled that I even wanted to still do it. There seemed for a long time (after this surgery) that I had no desire to do anything, now that is not good! So it is nice to know that many of the things that I felt and experienced were just stages of healing and of grief. Once again, I have to find out who this Lynn Woodard is now, she is different, certainly not the same woman that walked into that hospital a month ago, scared to death. I did live to tell about it and I still have so many changes and decisions that I will have to make  that will totally effect my future ,so the journey has just begun. Today that makes me tired to just say that...but I will do it!

Have a great day and remember this quote,( my kids will certainly need to when they know how little shopping I have done, that's not what it is all about, we know that more this year than ever)!

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." Burton Hillis

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