Monday, December 15, 2008

My dream of health

Today I went to the Cancer Center as planned and did my vitamin infusion. One of my dear friends Chris took me and stayed with me the whole 2 hours. It was an odd feeling because we went down the hallway where they do all the chemo infusions or whatever they are called. It was room after room filled with people getting their chemo, one of the nurses told me that it can take up to 4-6 hours each time they come.

The nurse had a hard time finding my veins in my right hand and usually the needles don't bother me but that one really hurt. After 3 tries she said I am going to try a new needle and a different vein and so she did. She first collected a blood sample to see if I have the enzyme that will allow me to get Vitamin C infusions in the future. If you don't have that enzyme then your body won't be able to absorb the Vitamin C and there for the infusions could be dangerous instead of healthy. They will call me tomorrow for the results. This vitamin infusion was a multiple of vitamins, mostly B's. It took an hour and half to run it through my IV. It actually hurt, not bad but it ached my hand and arm that it was going into. Chris and I talked for a while and then I just slept a bit trying to make the time go faster and the pain to lessen.

I asked Chris if she would shut the door while we were in my room because all I could see were all the chemo patients walking  up and down the hall to go to the bathroom and they were all dragging there IV pole with them. There were so really sick looking people there, my heart just ached for them and I wondered if I would be one of them some day? The oncologist doesn't really think so because my cancer is non-aggressive but it is always an option that is thrown out there, for right now that is where I am leaving it...OUT THERE! 

Now the purpose of the my infusions was to sorta jump start my immune system, I don't know how long that is suppose to take but I pray it is soon. While in the middle of my infusion the nurse came in and told me that she just found out that my insurance does not pay for vitamins infusions. Now I had asked about that before and I was told that they wouldn't make the appointment for me until they found that out. When they called and said that I was scheduled for Monday, I thought that was a done deal.  It bothered me that she told me that AFTER I already had the IV in. I explained what I had been told and then calmly said, we need to find out the person who I talked to and cleared it because I shouldn't have to pay for it ($100.00) if that is what I was told. I know she felt bad because she told me after the fact but I wasn't mean at all, just firm about who the responsibility should fall on. When Chris and I were on our way home my phone rang and it was the same nurse apologizing for what happened and said that the administrator told her to tell me that they waved the fee. I was grateful for that!

It is hard enough to be sick and tired and fighting cancer and then have to bear the financial burden that such a disease carries. I have said once before...PEOPLE CAN'T AFFORD TO HAVE CANCER! I was glad to come home and not have to worry Jeff with that bill. I am not sure how long before I am suppose to feel the difference but I will go to bed and DREAM of better health for tomorrow.

Tonight was our Family NIght and we made my grandmother's sugar cookies. The kids realize how rare of an occasion that we make cookies so they were excited. My motive was I want Lauren to take a Christmas Card Photo of them, so I had to hide a plate for tomorrow's photo shoot. :) My grandma Johnny would be proud that we used her recipe and my mom would be proud because we used her tin cookie cutters. My kids were proud that I made something with SUGAR in it!  We even did the Christmas Chicken, to this day I still don't know why we had a chicken cookie cutter but we did and we ate Christmas sugar cookies shaped like everything from a star, tree, Santa and a chicken. Maybe he was suppose to be the Christmas goose?

Well, I need to head to bed...I hope  that tomorrow I will feel better. Thank  you for sharing most of my days and struggles with me. I pray that some day this blog and journey through cancer with me, will be a help or a benefit to someone. Many have told me that it already does, for that I am grateful.


"There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream."

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