Monday, June 10, 2013

What are you thinking about?

Our thoughts are very important in our every day lives. I have written and spoken about how important it is for us to learn to control our thoughts. I heard a reporter talking on the radio the other day, about treatments that are out there for those who have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. The report was about the success that they were having with a certain type of therapy... that helps the victim with their thoughts about the trauma, for many times they said that it is their thoughts that keep them held hostage for years with PTS Syndrome. I read a bit more about it here:
Anyway, this is a MOTIVATIONAL blog, so I will try to tell you why I mentioned such a dark subject?  I guess because I have been there and done that. I was a child of incest and suffered for many, many years with PTS Syndrome, although I had never heard of that in my life. I suffered many of the symptoms that they mentioned in the article, and even every now and then find myself haunted ( if only for a moment ) by a few of them but that Far and Few Between....all the good that I have in my life.
 How did I get help? Well,  you can go back in this blog and read about all of this ( just put the word abuse in the search engine ) and I don't need to repeat it but, it was when I finally told someone ...and they believed me! That was the beginning of my going and getting professional help. That is where I began, that is where I started to not only learn how to live a happy life, but I learned how to help others by sharing my story.
So like I have written many times in my blog, it is vital that we know what are thoughts are, that we learn how to control them and that we learn how to keep and continue having more and more happy thougths in our minds. Our thoughts are very powerful ...for good and bad. But we have the final say one what we continue to act out on the stage of our minds. I personally had to find and study some really important things about thoughts to realize that I have control over them. When I found that out and really started to believe that...then life became good! And I was no longer a VICTIM!
So if you can, stop and think about your thoughts...are they good, happy, sad and depressing? Do you want to change them? Would you be willing to learn how to do that? You can find a few articles that I have written or put in my blog about this very subject. (Just put the word Thoughts in the search engine.)  If so, there are counselors out there to help, there are books out there to help, there are churches out there to help. Yes, there is a ton of help out there, if we would only allow our thoughts to believe that we are really worth helping! I promise you ...that you are!
Good night dear friends!
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Anonymous said...

Lynn, one of the things that finally helped me realize I needed therapy was reading your blog over the past few years. Incest here as well. I am doing so much better!! Thank you, my friend. :)