Sunday, June 23, 2013

Long, but wonderful week!

Well, the Shop Hop is over for me. I put in over 30 hours in 4 days and I am tired! I think what was most tiring, was that I was sitting the whole time. I did get up every now and then and stretch my legs, but I have a whole new appreciation for those who have a desk job, that's 9-5 each week!
I loved meeting all the new people every day. I loved telling them all the things we were giving them for free from the shop, that is a great way to make friends.:)  Some of the shops that people were traveling to, to collect blocks ...were giving out on a little bit of their block and then charging the people for the finishing kit. There were about 52 stores involved in the Shop Hop, so you can see many people had to pay quite a bit to by the time they hit all the quilt shops. But we gave out every thing for the whole block free, and also we even gave them a free pattern for another small project...and so they were happy campers to say the least.
Each day I had one or two people asked me to sign their patterns...when they found out that I was the designer. I was laughing so hard that I think I missed my few minutes of claim to fame:) But it was fun to hear how much everyone liked the block that Lauren and I created! ( it is the 3rd one over from the left, bottom row ) The shop named her Little Miss Sunshine! The quilt it's self is way too busy but we don't get to decide any of that. We just send in the block we designed from our shop and then they decide everything else
Since I don't work on Sunday, the 2013 Shop Hop is over for me, and it really was fun. A lot of work  but exciting to meet such incredible people! I am blessed to say the least!
Good night dear friendsLife isn't all about the good times..we need the bad times to teach us to appreciate the good ones.

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