Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trust verses Love

This quote (below) is very sound advice. For those of us who  have had abuse in the past, you truly understand how hard it is to trust someone. And when the one who abuses you, is someone who is suppose to love you, or says they love you...then that trust is broken.
 I knew something was wrong when I told someone( when I was just little ) that I loved and trusted; and they didn't believe me! Then I started to doubt myself and my gut feelings. I began to think then it must be just me, I must be a bad person if all these people love and trust my abuser..why didn't I?
  But the help that I received after breaking my silence about my abuse learn to trust my gut again!
 I would be guided and told who I can trust and not trust. And when I get that feeling, and the feeling is "this person can't be trusted " then no questions ask...I stay away or have my kids stay away!  I don't care how much other people love them, or how popular they are...I owe it to myself to listen to that still small voice inside. It will never lead me astray and that is something I know I can trust! And the when you know you can really trust someone, then there is a LOVE there that is hard to even explain, it is simply the BEST!

Good night dear friends!

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