Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The next and better generation!

I have always said that each generation should get better, not worse... or the same even. It is important I think, that we do all that we can to shed what baggage we had from our past and not make the next generation  ( our kids or our grand kids ) carry it!
My sweet niece got married last summer, we all got to be there with her and her family. I just found this photo from the wedding. It makes me smile, one because I love each of these amazing girls so much. Two, because I know that these girls have learned lots from the generation before them. They realize what they need to do to make their lives better and healthier, and how to pass that on to their children.
Yes, I love these girls, they are and will do amazing things. What power lies in their hands! It is exciting to watch and oh how grateful I am that to know and love them! You go girls!!!
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