Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The best 4 day Sleepover ever!

Since Jeff is out of town, Angie came over for a 4 day Sleep Over with Nana. What a wonderful day we have had ...and it is only our first day! We started out sleeping in and then having a nice breakfast together. Then we straightened up a bit. Angie decided she wanted to mop the floors while I did the dishes. Next we colored some and then we had lunch. Right after lunch we went looking for Butterflies, she has a new bug catcher that we were going to try and use. The weather was suppose to rain all day but it didn't, and so we took advantage of the sunshine while we could. Next we came home, got the car and decided to do a few errands before it got to close to dinner time.
I tried to block out my day to just spend the day with her... and what fun that was. Every store we went to, she just kept telling what a great sleepover this was. For dinner we ate at a restaurant that she had never gone to Panera Bread. She picked where we sat, I picked the drinks...water with lemons. She kept saying during dinner," this is the best place I have ever eaten...I really should invite my Mom some time". She loved the food, the atmosphere and all the time we were getting to spend together.
Then we walked across the street and got some frozen yogurt. In just the short time we were eating dinner, we saw the storm clouds rolling in. As we came out of the yogurt place, the wind was really blowing and it was raining hard. We laughed as we ran to the car, it was soooo much fun to run in the rain.
 Then we decided it was early enough to do one more thing before we went home. So we stopped at a book store and went to the children's corner and sat and read books and just played. It really was fun. Then we came home, put jammies on and watched a movie together. It was a great day!
 It was so sweet! Oh to be a kid again,( a kid like her I should say). Not sure I am want to go back and repeat any of my childhood again. Still I feel blessed to be able to share her childhood with her, I feel in some ways I can imagine how fun it would be.
I wish to all my friends who haven't been blessed with Grandchildren, that I could bottle up the fun and the memories and give it to them; so they could experience what it feels like. I try to be careful not to brag too much about my grand kids, for I know there are many lonely hearts out there ...that can hardly wait or could only wish to be a Grandma or a Nana. So I don't take my job lightly. I just want to help these kids be safe, know who they are and help them remember how loved they are. Those things should be huge stepping stones in their lives.
Yes, I pray that Angie as well as all my grandchildren, will some day remember the fun times that they had with Nana!
Good night dear friends!

Amy Woodard Jaeger
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