Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My angel niece!

 When I was a teenager, I went to visit my brother and his wife and family. I would help take care of and play with my niece. Then when we found out that she was going to be a big sister, we were all excited. Not long after our other niece was born, we realized that she began having seizures. After years and years of trying to figure out what she had, they realized she had Cerebral Palsy. She has out lived  any one's expectations and we are all so grateful for that. She has been such an amazing blessing in our lives. Today is her birthday and I just wanted to count my blessings, and she is definitely one of them!

These photos were taken by her talented Sister in law! Photo


Jean(ie) said...

My cousin's daughter was born with CP and intellectual disabilities. She's my Katie sunshine. When Katie smiles she lights up the room. Such a blessing.

She lives at the same school where my older brother (who lives with down syndrome) is. When I get to visit, I get double the smiles.

Lynn said...

I bet you do. They are special spirits that is for sure!