Saturday, June 1, 2013

Childhood a time of great imagination!

Funny when I had 3 little granddaughters, I thought for some reason we would do lots of parties and tea parties with cute dolls, but for some reasons my sweet red heads seem to like animals, monsters and now Dinosaurs at all of our tea parties and play time. They can name every dinosaur there is...and they are offended when I call one by the wrong name. Good news is their cousin Kai, when he comes to visit will probably love having all those dinosaurs every where.
Fun, wonder what the next few years will bring with these cute grand kids of mine. For the mean time though, at least Lauren got a fun photo of Jenny in her Dinosaur suit...will be a great reminder in their Memory Book some time.  Now it is up to you, to tell me if my little triceartop endangered or dangerous?:) Thanks, Lauren for the fun photo!
PLEASE! good Lord, there is nothing hard about smiling or saying hi back. My daughters love to have someone reply to them- it makes their day. When you don't, I explain to them that there are mean people in the world, but that they should STILL keep on smiling - you never know when it's what a person needs. Despite the aholes in the world, i'll still teach my girls to be good!

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