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A Father's Lessons!

Father's Lessons!

 Fathers Day Quotes
A love for everyone 
My own Dad taught me the ability to love everyone. My Dad seemed to be everyone's friend. He was always checking on them if they were sick, he was always the first one at the hospital or bringing something to eat to their home if needed. My Dad never seemed to meet a stranger, and that was a great legacy that he left me.

Empathize with those less fortunate
"One winter evening when I was about five or six years old, my father took me for a walk downtown. This was during the depression, when jobs were few and many homeless, hungry people were on the streets. My father and I were looking at all the store windows as we walked, and soon we found ourselves standing in front of the window of a sporting goods store. It was full of bright things that would catch every boy’s fancy — things like fishing lures and pocketknives for whittling.
"A shabbily dressed boy was standing near us, looking longingly into the window. I didn’t pay much attention to him, but my father went over and spoke with him briefly, then put his hand on his shoulder and led him inside the store. I watched as he took the boy to a showcase of pocketknives, told him to pick one out, then paid the shopkeeper for the knife.
"I didn’t get a pocketknife that day, but I did get a lesson. At the time, I felt let down, as a little boy would feel when the gift he thinks is his goes to someone else. But as my father and I walked away from the store, he said, 'You have me. He doesn’t have anybody.' Later I realized how generous and how sensitive to the needs of others my father was."
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Appreciation for the world we live in
I meant to ask each of my kids 4 questions about their Dad and this week just sorta happened and I didn't get it done. But one thing that I know my kids learned from their Dad ( Jeff  ), was to appreciate the world around them. He took them hiking and camping and always reminded them how much our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ must love us,that they would create such a beautiful world for us to live in. They loved being outdoors with their Dad, and I am forever grateful that Jeff taught this to them.

Know that you are loved!
Knowing that you are loved is one of the most secure feelings in the world. Jeff had always shown our kids great love. He loves them individually and as a whole. He made sure to tell them that every day, and I know how much that means to my kids and now our grand kids. He is and was an amazing Father and I am truly grateful for that. 

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