Friday, June 21, 2013

Beautiful People!

I saw this quote on a friend's face book page. I loved it! Isn't that true? Don't we all know people like this and aren't we all grateful for these beautiful people who come into our lives? I know I am. I think what I like the most... is the countenance on their face, confidence in their smile and gratitude in their eyes. They have lived a lot of life, they have experienced much and they truly understand why they are here.
 Yes, there are a lot of beautiful people in the world... and I am not talking about the ones that the world thinks are beautiful...but the ones that are not only survivors of the trials of life...but the ones that are thriving and making the world a better place just by their beauty and example!
Thank you to all those beautiful people in my life, who have taught me so much!

Photo: Beauty and wisdom are earned through tragedy and pain. Be grateful for every experience in life, even the most painful ones! <3

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