Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Teach the children!

The fun just never ends at our Sleep Over! We did a lot of things today but one of the things that brought this whole teacher subject up to me, was when we were taking our walk.  For almost 2 hours we walked all around the neighborhood and parks to find some bugs or butterflies for Angie's new Bug Catcher ( no luck). But it was interesting to me all the things that she what a certain fern was called, or the stages a caterpillar goes through before coming a butterfly and on and on. Each time I asked her where she learned that, she would reply " from Ms Perdy ( her first grade teacher )".
 Now up until school started last year, we would have the same type of conversations and she would always reply " My Mom or Dad told me ". So there is a lot of things that Mom's teach to their children and that good teachers teach these sweet kids. Still there is nothing to compare to what we teach in our homes and that should be as it is. Knowledge from a book is important but hands down, the things that children learn within the walls of their own home ...can be the most important things that they will need in life.
So I tucked that sweet redhead to bed and told her what a fun day I had. She kissed me goodnight on the cheek with a hug and said " Nana, I love you more than the whole outer space! " I knew just what she meant because... I felt the exact same way!
May we never miss the opportunity to teach these incredible little people in our lives. They deserve only the best from us!
Good night dear friend

 Beautiful quote about motherhood. Set the example for your children so that they may hold to the truth always. :)

  I loved this story...
“Seated in front of me was a young couple with two small children who seemed, in my opinion, too young to be attending the event. I was silently annoyed at the parents for bringing along their mildly unruly children. The speakers taught about the Savior’s Atonement and then there was a musical number that focused on Gethsemane. The Spirit was thick in the large auditorium. When the song was over, there was a quiet moment before the next speaker took the stand, and I heard the mother in front of me whisper to her son, “Do you like it? Do you like the feeling in here?” The young boy whispered back, “I like it because it feels warm and comfortable.” My heart softened, and I gained a new respect for that mother. She was a teacher. She was an example.  She was a testifier.”
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