Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prayers, Faith and Bugs!

Quote about childhood and magic: children see magic because they look for it.
Since Monday Angie has been looking for a bug to put in her new bug catcher. Last night during her prayer, she asked that she might catch a bug or butterfly today, on the last day of her Sleepover. I tried to explain that just because we pray about something doesn't mean the answer will always be what we want. Her blue eyes looked directly at me when she said " but why Nana?" I tried to explain that Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. Sometimes we want something, but Heavenly Father knows if we need it or not. She didn't say much more about it today

Today was full of learning,  or as Angie said "I got a lot of learning in today, didn't I Nana?" :) First I downloaded some sewing cards for her and then got her situated at her own machine ( a friend bought it for $10.00 for her, old Kenmore and it runs great ). I had to make her chair higher and then put a box under the table so she could put her feet and work the pedal from there. Then she just took off, fast is much easier than slow, when it comes to sewing. She got it down quite quickly ...I was so surprised. Before I knew it, she was on her 3rd sewing card and I didn't even have to remind her to put the pressure foot up and keep the needle down when she turned and pivoted. It was too cute.
Next we went and babysat for a friend while she was at a DR appt. Her kids were sleeping, so Angie and I brought some money work sheets that we downloaded and she worked on learning money. She is a bit worried about not knowing that when she starts 2nd grade next year, so we started now.
 Last I taught her to crochet with her fingers. She isn't quite ready for the crochet hook, that just gets her frustrated. But she did well with her fingers and already made 3 necklaces before the evening was over. She said "after learning all these things Nana, I feel like I can do anything! "  Then she drew a Welcome Home sign for Poppa.
Finally after dinner we took a long walk, came home watered the flowers and while we were doing that Angie yelled " Nana, there's a bug and a big bug, can we catch it?" She quickly put it in her catcher (with my help), then we came in the house looked up on line what kind of beetle it was, then went out and got stuff outside for it to eat and live on ...and put that in the cage. Then she said " Well, Nana, I guess that Heavenly Father knew I needed a bug and He gave me one!" Oh the faith of a child! I then reminded her that tonight she should thank Heavenly Father in her prayers for the bug, her response was " are you kidding me, I am going to thank Him right now!" Then she walked to the edge of the driveway near the tree, and knelt down and said a prayer. Oh the faith of a child!
I really thought a lot about the past few days with my granddaughter, I realize that if you let them...these incredible little spirits, can teach us a lot about life! We just need to slow down and learn!"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."Quote about Children, teaching about life and learning about it.Need to learn more about "unschooling".  an interview with Sandra Dodd about natural learning

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