Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tough day!

Well, it seems like when I get up for any length of time that it puts pressure back on that nerve. The pain is almost more than I can bear. When Jeff came home today from church, he asked me how I felt and I began to cry. I really wonder how much more I can take? I know that you really shouldn't say something like that because things can always be worse. I just am so tired of hurting. I some times think that I am strong and have a high pain tolerance but not today. How much more can my poor body take? The scary thought is I won't even turn 50 until this summer, I can only hope the next 50 years get better and healthier.

My arm hurts from the arm sleeve that I have to wear now, my arm pit is still swollen and sore when wearing almost any type of clothing. My neck is hurting from the PT weight bearing exercises and now my back muscles are swelling and the pressure on that nerve is terrible. I haven't hurt like this in my back for quite some time. I just feel like I can't handle any more today, I just need a break! So I am struggling to find anything positive to say today. I pray that I will feel better tomorrow, I can't imagine having to feel like this, and be able to be up and dressed and there for radiation at 9:20 am tomorrow, I have to... but if I still feel like this, it will be a painful and long trip. I am sorry that I am so down today, I know that there are going to be days like this ...but I truly hope not too many. I will close with a photo of something happy and a few quotes, that's about all I have in me today. Thanks



"Great victories come, not through ease but by fighting valiantly and meeting hardships bravely."

"Patience is the finest and worthiest part of fortitude"

"God will not look you over for medals, degrees, or diplomas, but scars"

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Carolyn Cox said...

Lynn, our family will pray for you. You always there for me during my tough times, and I will do all I can for you. Tomorrow, just imagine that I am there with you. I would take you if I weren't 12 hours away. I love you, and I know you can do it. You always seem to notice the Lord's hand in all things, and He is with you. Sleep well, and remember there are literally 100's and 100's of people praying for you all over.

With Love,