Thursday, January 8, 2009

Through Lauren's Eyes

I forgot that I can add photos now from Lauren's blog site.

How fun to have them on my blog, I need to put them with my quotes,

shoot it would make a great book with quotes and photos!

So I would say that these photos went great with my quotes on the road less traveled and my last post.

If  you want to see more of Lauren's work you can go to her blog at...

Thanks Lauren and Happy Birthday!


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Brad and Barb Cahoon said...

I just browsed all of your beautiful entries from the past week. You have such a way of expressing thoughts and sharing yourself with others. No wonder you are such a good friend to so many. I love these shares from your Lauren files.too. Without saying a word, these photos say much about beauty and hope. She gives you much to be proud of. Thanks for sharing, friend! Barb