Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Today we went to LaConner, to just do some sight seeing with Brad, Krystal and Kai before they leave to go back to Texas tomorrow. It started out pretty weather and then became cloudy and rainy. The only bad part was that so many of the cute shops that we wanted to go in, were closed for the holiday...go figure!
New Year's has always been a tough one for me. It seems like the world which was all about making memories, comfort foods, enjoying the family traditions for the holidays and all that ...have now changed all of a sudden to ...look at yourself, don't you need to lose weight, get better organized and more fit.
It makes me realize that the world of marketing is so hard on everyone in January, when it seems  how you are right now never enough. It seems so sad after all the Holiday Cheer that we have for almost 3 months!
Still a New Year, is some times daunting for me because of my yearly check up that I have to do. Five years and holding, and yet I still get tripped up a bit about these up coming appointments. So what do I do to get excited about the New Year 2014? I start remembering how blessed I am to have had Christmas with my family and not focus so much on all of them being GONE by tomorrow! I start thinking of new ideas for my CLASS DEMOS at the shop this coming year! I thing about seeing all my kids together again in 4 months at Lauren's College Graduation! I think of having some fun one on one time with Jeff again. So that is how I am trying so hard to be Happy on this New Year! 2013 taught me a lot and I am grateful for that!  I look forward to another year of learning, growing and sharing with my family and friends!

colorful happy new year quotes cards
Had to put up both of these photos since I will still have Christmas Decorations up for a bit!
30  Happy New Year Quotes and Sayings

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