Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So proud of our son!

Tomorrow we will have 3 out of 4 of our kids together. Brad has been asked to fly back to BYU-IDAHO and do an Art Seminar for the students there. He is so excited, and of course Lee and Lauren are really excited to have 3 days with their big brother.
 It seems like yesterday that we all flew in to see Brad and Krystal graduate. Won't forget was April and nice out... but the night before the Graduation it snowed; so we had to walk in our dresses and shoes in the snow to get there. We should have been prepared for that in Idaho, but in our was mid April!
I am so proud of Brad, I knew all those nights and weekends that I made he and Amy stay up late... to help me finish painting my inventory for the next Craft Fair... would pay off some day! :) And it did...look at him now, doing what he loves to do!
Not everyone can say that about their work... I feel just as lucky, because I loved being a stay home Mom for 30 years; and now I have my DREAM JOB...teaching at our local Quilt Shop and rubbing shoulders with some amazing ladies each day!

So just 3 short years after his graduation, he is back teaching others about doing what he loves the most Graphic Designs. Good luck Brad, and thank you Krystal... who had helped, worked, encouraged and created with Brad the whole way, to make both of your dreams come true!

 Brad had an article written about him, you can see it  HERE:

And of course their  greatest creation is our little grandson Kai. We sure love him, and he really is his Daddy's boy!
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