Monday, January 20, 2014

Summer memories... in winter!

Found this picture and pinterest and loved it! Even though it is winter and cold outside...still this summer time photo, brought back some warm memories with my Grandmother and Aunt Ina. I loved doing laundry with them, loved how the clothes smelled fresh off the line. I loved sitting on the porch in rocking chairs stringing green beans for supper. Now that I think of it, they never just sat around doing nothing..they always had something to do in their hands no matter what. Maybe that is where I get it from ...normally ( not lately ) I always have some to do when I am sitting down. Shoot, I even have projects in the car in case I need them.( like the car breaks down or something )
I am afraid that Jeff is getting excited because for the last couple of weeks I have actually just sat and did nothing as I watched movies with him. But I knew that I was feeling better tonight when I wanted to crochet. I was glad too that I am at least feeling a little bit better.
 Oh my Grandmother and Aunt would be proud of me if they could see me now! :)
Good night dear friends!
mandy lynne

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